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Present perfect simple with yet, just and already
Pre-intermediate level


By reading texts that contain the tense, students will be able to understand and use the present perfect tense within the context of personal communication.


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Main Aims

  • Students will be able to use the present perfect simple, distinguishing when to use yet, just or already

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading comprehension of texts pertaining to personal news


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To introduce topic and prompt the students

I will lead in to the reading by asking students how they get their news about friends and family. Telephone? Email? Letters?

Exposure (8-10 minutes) • To have students become familiar with the text

Students will be given HO of text and will be asked to answer questions about the reading to gauge their understanding. They will work solo and exchange texts with a partner to check answers while I nominate responses.

Introducing present perfect (10-12 minutes) • Sts will recognize present perfect used in the text

Sts will be asked to distinguish the present perfect and past simple in selected sentences After drawing a timeline on board to explain both tenses, I will give them the two rules for the tenses and ask them to distinguish which is used for which. We will give examples on the WB to make sure they understand Next, sts will look at text again to find just, already and yet in sentences Again, I will use a timeline and ask them where they think the words in the sentences should be They will then fill in the blanks to discover the rule for using just, yet or already, based on the sentences they read. I will elicit the responses and show them on the timeline. -just - used for an action that has just happened -already - used for an action that has happened in the past (sometimes before expected) - yet - something that hasn't happened but is expected to happen in the future. I will then have them compose three sentences from their own lives to start using the three words.

Grammar practice (6-8 minutes) • Students will use their new grammar knowledge

Sts will use HO to use just, yet and already in the right place and compose sentences from the given words. They will do a peer check. We will then elicit together actions/places they can think of about their own lives that they have done/haven't done yet and put them on the WB. The choices will come from travel, hobbies or things they did in the past week. They will then use the words to compose 3 sentences to contain just, already or yet.

Freer practice (8-10 minutes) • To have students create and use their own sentences in present perfect with just, already and yet.

Students will form two circular groups. They will have the sentences they wrote in hand. I will demonstrate the activity with one of the students. Then, using an object they can throw to one another, one will start by asking a question based on what he/she has in her own sentence list. "Have you ever.......?" and throw the ball. The person who catches it can say yes I have already., Yes, I have just.....or No I haven't yet. Then he/she will ask a question from their own list and go on until all questions are exhausted (I may monitor to ensure the last few turns are taken by those with unasked questions.)

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