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Family vocabulary
Beginner level


In this lesson, students will be introduced to family vocabulary. They will practice answering and asking questions about their families.


Abc Family images (adapted from Google)
Abc 12 slips papers
Abc HO1
Abc HO2 (adapted from Straightforward Beginners book page 34)
Abc HO3

Main Aims

  • By the end of my lesson learners will be better able to use family vocabulary in a functional language

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking and reading practice


Introduction (2-3 minutes) • To set the overall theme of the lesson

I will introduce the subject by showing a 5-member family picture pretending it is mine. Then I will ask Ss ''what do you think this picture is of ?''. They will make some guesses as soon as they get the right one I will confirm that by gesturing "yes, it is my family".

Vocabulary introduction (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the lexical set of family members

Having students guessed the topic, I will elicit what vocabulary which they are already familiar with by asking them whether they know the name of each member in the picture which they are : father, mother, brother and sister.

Clarify Key Vocab Word (8-10 minutes) • Provide more information about the family vocabulary

I will bulid up the family tree using small pictures of my father and mother from the first picture I have already displayed and different picture for the rest members and their spouses and children to introduce the following words: parents, husband, wife, daughter and son.

Sorting Family Vocab (4-6 minutes) • Call attention to the gender of the the lexcial set of family members

First, I will introduce the meaning of both male and female by showing them a picture of their symbols then I will draw the table on the board and do a demo for the word father. Ask for ICQs then and provide students with an answer key HO.

Reading & Matching Activity (12-15 minutes) • To increase the STT

I will have the four pictures from Straightforward Beginners book page 34 on the board. I will divide the students into 3 groups and give each group four labels with the written reading parts on the same page 34 and give them sometime to read meanwhile I will be numbering the four pictures on the board then I will ask them to work in group and organise the labels so they match the numbers of the pictures. Swap groups to check if we have time. A HO of the questions on page 34 will be distributed to Ss to solve it.

Free Practice (5-6 minutes) • Get students to practice speaking

A HO of 4 columns will be given to Ss to mingle around asking each other: What's your name? (First column) or they can immediately write the name of the student whom they are asking. How many children do you have? (Second column) How many brothers do you have? (Third column) How many sisters do you have? (Fourth column)

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