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Intermediate level


in this lesson, students bring together the the language of expressing feelings and opinions.firstly, students are going to be led into the context then they go through a listening task, in which TL is introduced. then TL is highlighted by use of an eliciting task. then TL is clarified and finally controlled, less controlled, and freer practices would be used.


Abc audio script handouts
Abc controlled practice handout (rewriting sentences)
Abc listening handouts
Abc pre- listening extracts handouts

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of expressions for likes and dislikes in the context of passions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about things people are passionate about in the context of expressing feeling


lead in/ building context (5-10 minutes) • to generate interest in the topic / context of listening

- do you remember the passions of the writer of the harry potter? what were they? -now i give you some extracts or short texts about some people i want to read it and guess their passions first alone then check in pairs. -ask icqs: are you going to read them alone or in pairs? alone -are you going to only read the text ? read and guess their passions - monitor students - now check your ideas together - group 1: what do you think paul's passion is? -check others as well - don't tell them whether their answers are correct or not

listening task (10-15 minutes) • to introduce TL via listening

- now lets check to see if your guesses are true bout these people - instruct them to listen and answer the questions. -ask icqs: - are you going to listen only? no, listen and answer the questions - play the recording - monitor them to make sure that they are on the right track -ask them to check their answers in groups or pairs -give them the audio scripts to check their answers.

highlight the TL (10-15 minutes) • highlight TL by use of eliciting, a guiding task , or an underlining activity

- use a sentence as a model: James is crazy about the British Weather. -find other expressions that show feeling in the text, elicit them -write them on the board - ask them to divide them into three categories( positive, negative, neutral) - keen on/ fond of/ adore/ quite like/ can't bear/ cant stand/ don't mind/ not that keen on

clarifying TL (15 minutes) • clarifying meaning/ form/ pronunciation

- clarify meaning by putting them into categories - elaborate on their form: i like (verb) ice cream/ i am keen(adj) on ice cream, their prepositions - put others in the same categories - choral repetitions( pronunciation)

language practice (20 minutes) • provide controlled, less controlled, freer practice

- give them controlled practice to do in pairs - monitor - check their answers -write 4 sentences about the characters in the listening section, two about their passions and two about something they don't like.(use different expressions in each example) - is there any thing in your life that you feel passionate about? tell the class about it.

feedback (5-10 minutes) • to establish correct answers/ deal with the results of the task

- while students are talking, you can keep in mind or write down their problems. -after discussion write them on the board -ask students to correct the errors - you can ask ccq s or use graded discovery if they don't have any idea.

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