Zahra Zahra

Elementary A1/A2 level


In this lesson students will listen to an audio about a trip. They will learn how to describe a trip. They will also practice to speak about trips and photos.


Abc envelop
Abc audio
Abc matching handout
Abc clip
Abc handout/ answerkey
Abc handout/ underlining
Abc matching activity handout/ gist

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a discussion in the context of travelling


pre-listening task/ lead-in (5-6 minutes) • to generate interest in the topic of the lesson/ to build the context

- The teacher tells students that she is going to play a short clip about a country. They are supposed to watch and say which country it is. Then she plays a short clip which is about travelling to Canada. She elicits the answer of the question. She writes the name of the country on the board and asks: who likes to go to Canada? Students answer (some of them may have gone to Canada and have something to say). The teacher elicits the name of three important cities in Canada and writes them on the board.

Pre-listening task/ pre-teaching vocabulary (6-7 minutes) • to unblock key lexis needed to help students understand the audio

- The teacher tells students that she is going to give them a sheet including words and pictures. They are going to match the pictures with the words with their partners in 2 minutes. -Then she asks them to check their answers in the groups. -As feedback, she asks one of the students to answer and then that student should name another student to give the answer. -After all, she goes through all of the words, models, drills and writes them on the board. -She mentions the pronunciation and form of each word.

while listening task/ listening for gist (4-5 minutes) • to encourage students to listen for general understanding

- The teacher changes the pairs and tells that she is going to give the students a handout (ex 1,pg54). They are supposed to listen to the audio and put the photos in the order they hear them individually. She mentions that she plays the audio just once. -She gives them the sheets and plays the audio. -After the audio, she asks them to check their answers with their partners. - As feedback, she asks each pair to give one of the answers.

while listening task/ listening for specific information (5-7 minutes) • To practice listening for specific information

- The teacher tells that she is going to play the audio again. They should unfold the papers they have, listen to the audio again and the exercise individually. -Then she asks them to check the answers in pairs. -She projects the sentences on the board and asks students to come to the board and write the answers. -She gives them the answer key, the full and correct sentences.

post-listening task/controlled practice (4-5 minutes) • to develop oral fluency on the topic

- The teacher tells students that imagine this was your Cross Canada trip. She asks them to use the sentences in previous activity and describe the pictures they have to their partners. -They change the roles and practice it again. -As feedback she wants some volunteers to share their ideas with the class.

post-listening/ freer practice (12-15 minutes) • to develop oral fluency on the topic

-The teacher projects a page which includes five destinations for Canadian people. then she elicits the word 'destination', writes on the board and asks: where do Turkish people like to travel to? -She divides the class into A, B, C, and D. She tells students that they are going to receive an envelope containing top destinations for some countries. Each person has 1 minute to read the words and make a sentence with them in order to share their information with their partners.( The popular destinations for tourist from ... are ...) -All of them read at the same time and then share their information. Totally they have 5 minutes. -The teacher asks students B and C to change their seat (now we have new pairs) and change their information with the new partner. - As feedback, the teacher asks some students to tell whatever they learned.

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