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Feelings ( adjectives )
9th grade level


By the end of this lesson students will be able to answer the question "how do you feel" using adjectives that describes feelings.


Abc Feeling emojis

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Feelings (adjectives)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Review the verb to be


Engage (5-5 minutes) • Break the ice

- T will show the students emojis depicting various feelings and ask them what do the pictures show hoping to elicit the word feelings and If not the teacher will give it away.

Study (10-15 minutes) • Provide classification of the target language

- Teacher provide classification of the target vocabulary along drilling to assure students got the right pronunciation.

Activate (25-30 minutes) • Put what students have learnt into practice

- T will call some students to the board and show them a picture with a specific feeling and ask them to mime it to the rest of the class. - Teacher divide students into groups of four and ask them to take turns and play the miming game. - Teacher will hand out sheets of papers to students and ask them in pairs to draw emojis or people depicting the the feelings we have seen, and teacher with the help of the class will pick the best drawing

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