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Family Members/ introduction to grammar "Have got/ haven't got'
Elementary level


In this lesson, the students are introduced to Family Members through drawing a family tree of a famous family "The Simpson". The tree is the main practice because the students will work in groups and are directly involved by recreating the family tree by themselves. this is followed by the grammar (have got, Haven't got) which is introduced in a practice through creating sentences about family members. Finally, the students will read a text and their comprehension is tested by the questions that they answer after their reading session.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Family lexis in the context of Family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of Have got/ Haven't got in the context of Family
  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about Family connections in the context of Family of a famous actress


Family tree "The Simpsons" (5-0 minutes) • Introduce Family Members.

I will introduce Lisa who is a member of the Simpsons, I will stick her family pictures on the whiteboard and make a simple tree first that includes (Father, Mother, Sister, Brother), and write the vocabularies under each photo.

create the family tree (13-0 minutes) • revise vocabularies

in this practice I will erase the board and only leave the pictures, I will split the class into groups and give each group papers that contain vocabularies about family members and let them discuss and answer by going to the board and stick the right vocabulary under the right picture. I will make it harder by taking a few family numbers that create an extended family relation and let them stick the vocabularies next to each group of family members.

Male/ Female (5-0 minutes) • extend their understanding of families to the genders of each family member.

I will point to the males and females in the class and also point to the males and females of The Simpsons, I will then give them a practice that contains a box which categorizes Males/ Females and ask them to write the correct family members under the right category.

Questions about their own families (5 minutes) • Introduce the students with (Have got/ Haven't got)

I will ask them questions about their own families ( How many brothers and sisters have you got), ( Have you got a nephew).

Reading Text (15 minutes) • Understand Family Connections

I will give them an introduction to the text and since the reading text is about an actress I will introduce them to the word actress by showing them pictures of actors and actresses they already know and then move to the text which contains names of a family full of actors and the family connections among that family which will become clearer when they answer the questions following the text.

Conclusion (2 minutes) • To summarise the main ideas of the lesson for the last time.

I will tell them which topics we covered and what they have learned during the lesson.

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