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Listening - personal information / Neighbours
A2 level


In this lesson students practise giving and getting personal information. The lesson starts with the students reading a gapped text and trying to guess what the missing/illegible words are. They then listen to a recording of three children to identify who wrote the text (a letter). The lesson finishes off with some controlled practice with the students answering questions about the text and finally some free(r) practice with the students writing the answers (about themselves) to the questions from the text and asking and answering the questions in pairs. If there is time left the students can do exercise 6 from the workbook. (or do it for homework?)


Abc Copy of the listening task : Meet Joe, Sadie, Sam and Jack!
Abc A gap-fill worksheet

Main Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice to find out who wrote the message in a bottle and then to provide listening for detail practice to find out more information about Sadie.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide the oppurtunity for the students to write answers to questions about themselves.
  • To provide speaking practice with children asking and answering questions about themselves in pairs.


Introduction (5 minutes) • To greet the students and introduce the topic.

Say hello to everyone and ask whether anyone remembers my name. Dianne on board. Ask whether anyone remembers what Laurence found on the beach at the weekend? A message in a bottle. Who was it from? Nour.

1 (10 minutes) • Students do gap-fill exercise in order to gain information needed to complete the listening task.

I've got a very similar message. It also got wet and we need to find the missing information. Let's check some words first: (write/draw words on board) Does anyone know what the UK is? The United Kingdom. What countries belong to the United Kingdom? England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. And a tortoise? What does nationality mean? Give out worksheets.Look at first sentence together. Elicit possible answers: boy/girl. Don't know yet, but will find out in the next exercise. Pairs fill in gaps. Go through answerts together. Don't confirm yet. Ask questions about person (he/she): This person lives in ...? (Exeter) Nationality? (British) How old is this person? (12)

2 (15 minutes) • Students listen to a recording of three children talking to find out who wrote the message in the bottle.

Draw two houses on board and number them 18 and 20. These houses are next door (board) to each other. What do we call people who live next door to each other? neighbours (board) Give out copy of page 9. Children look at picture of Sadie, Joe, Jack and Sam the dog. Introduce the names of the children and the dog and practise pronunciation. Students close books and listen to recording. More than once if necessary. If students come up with wrong answers discuss them together. Play the recording again. Students listen and read. Point out "Remember" at the bottom of the page. Illustrate with stick figures on board. Then students fill in answers in b. Students close books and listen to recording again. Ask:What's Sadie's surname? Kelly Students complete the message.

3 (15 minutes) • The aim is for the students to ask and answer personal questions about themselves.

Write the questions from the message on the board. Students write their answers to the questions. Demonstrate with two students asking and answering two questions. Pairs ask and answer question.. Teacher circulates and monitors.

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