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Copy of Listening Practice and Vocabulary (Countries and Nationalities)
elementary level


In this lesson, SS will practice listening skills and Vocabulary. In the first part of the lesson, SS will review and practice vocabulary related to countries and nationalities through games and group activities. SS will also practice spelling and pronunciation of some nationality words. The first part of the lesson sets the context for the second part, a listening task, that include nationality words. SS will listen to the task a first time for the gist and a second time for details. Finally, SS will practice the vocabulary of countries and nationalities in a speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • The main aim is to practice listening skills, both for the gist and for details, in the context of nationalities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • The subsidary aim is to review and practice vocabulary of nationalities


STAGE 1 - LEAD IN (4-5 minutes) • Introduce the context of countries and nationalities

SS work in 4 groups of 4-5 people. Project TP1 PP presentation - slide 1 ( a map ) on the WB and elicit the words ‘map’ and ‘country’. Give 4-5 COUNTRIES CARDS to each group. SS stick each card to the corresponding country on the map. Check if the cards are placed correctly in whole class feedback.

STAGE 2 - VOCABULARY PRACTICE (14-15 minutes) • practice vocabulary of countries and nationalities (meaning, spelling, pronunciation)

Introduce the concept of nationalities with an example (I am from Italy, I am Italian) and clarify the meaning and difference between country and nationality ( Match : Italy, Italian, Rome ; Country, Nationality, city). CCQs to check meaning. SS work in groups to brainstorm vocabulary of nationalities. Each group write 4-5 nationalities on cards. SS read and stick the cards to the board. The teacher arrange them according to their suffix. Elicit what the words in each column have in common ( suffix ). Pass out Handout 1. SS keep it folded. SS complete EX1 individually and then check in pairs. Check as whole class. Practice pronunciation and words stress with choral drilling. ---- IF there is time --- Write on the board a scrambled word (TURSKIH) and elicit the unscrambled word. SS unfold Handout 2 and complete ex2 working in pairs. SS write the correct answers on the WB.

STAGE 3 - PRE-LISTENING (3-4 minutes) • Introduce the topic of the listening task

Project TP2 PP presentation - slide 3 and elicit the words ‘city’ and ‘country’. Clarify the meaning with examples and CCQs ( ‘Is Istanbul a country? Is it a city?’ ). SS match as whole class. SS discuss about slide 4. Elicit that there are cities with the same name in different countries. Use slide 3 and 4 to clarify it.

STAGE 4 - LISTENING (4-5 minutes) • Practice listening for the gist

Elicit the words ‘airport’, ‘hotel’, ‘party’ using word association (AIRPORT : ‘Sabiha Gokcen, Ataturk, ..’; HOTEL : ‘Hilton, Marriott, ’ ; PARTY ‘It’s my birthday, I have a ...’). SS listen to 3 conversation and match each of those 3 words with a conversation. SS check in pairs before whole class feedback.

STAGE 5 - LISTENING (5-6 minutes) • Practice listening for details

SS can look at Handout1 Ex 3 for a minute and listen to the track 1 or 2 more times to complete the exercise. SS check in pairs before whole class feedback.

STAGE 6 - SPEAKING PRACTICE (5-10 minutes) • practice vocabulary of nationality in a speaking activity

SS work in 4-5 groups of 4 people. In every group, each person has a different speaking card. SS speak in turns, asking the questions in the speaking card to the other member of the group.

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