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Our Health
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In this lesson, students will learn more about their health. Including which types of food are healthy and which are unhealthy. The lesson is mostly based on learning new songs and widening their English vocabulary for different types of food and actions, This is followed by craft activities and differentiating between healthy and unhealthy things they deal with daily.


Abc Hello song

Main Aims

  • To provide the students with The correct grammar and increase their English vocabulary aswell as their understanding of the language and subject

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accurate English terms, and help them understand on a level that is appropriate to their age what is healthy and unhealthy


Welcome (3-5 minutes) • Welcoming each student

With the hello song we introduce each student to the class aswell as the teachers, This song never changes it stays the same throughout each lesson. This teaches each student the names of their friends that is with them in the lesson. This song is followed by our how are you today song, this introduces the group to feelings they might have. Happy, sad, excited or angry.

Introducing topic (8-10 minutes) • Preparing the students for all the information about unhealthy and healthy things. e.g food and actions

By using flashcards of healthy foods e.g fruits vegetables and healthy actions like washing our hands and going for a walk we explain to each child why it is important. Then we do the same with unhealthy things, like eating fatty foods and not washing our hands showing them the difference between the two.

Shapes and colours (5-10 minutes) • To draw students' attention to the Shapes and colours that will be introduced

We sing Twinkle twinkle little star using the star shape, after the song we show them the square, cırcle and triangle shapes. That is followed by a game where they each get a chance to choose one of the three shapes. They have to come forward one by one and match the shape they chose with it's pair. This is followed with the rainbow song we sing together again using examples of each color used in the song (Red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue). We introduce each colour and give each student a chance to choose one of the colours, after choosing a colour they get up indivıdually and go look around in the classroom and find something that matches the color they picked and bring it forward to show their friends.

Days of the week and weather (8-10 minutes) • İntroducing them to new vocabulary

We start again with a song, introducing monday-Sunday. After singing the song together we change the calender to the correct day. That is followed by our weather song, introducing sunny, cloudy/windy, raining and snowing. İn a group discussion we decide together what the weather is like today.

Craft time (8-10 minutes) • Giving children more visual information about our health

Each day a different craft activıty is prepared before the lesson: Monday- as a group we make a colage of healthy and unhealthy food. Tuesday- We add use correct and ıncorrect marks to divide healthy and unhealthy food. Wednesday- We decorate a picture of one healthy food type individually. Thursday- We place pıctures of healthy and unhealthy actıons (washıng hands etc.) as a group. Friday- We fill our fruıt baskets with fruits.

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