Teaching Practice 2
Beginner level


In this lesson students are introduced to adjectives. The context of the lesson is set by giving real examples of tourist destinations in Turkey and other countries. Cities and attractions are described and compared using adjectives. Exercises are provided to the students to familiarize them with a set of adjectives suitable for describing and comparing different locations. Then feedback is checked through eliciting the taught adjectives.


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Main Aims

  • Lexis introduce adjectives

Subsidiary Aims

  • Controlled oral practice


Warmer (1-2 minutes) • To revise numbers

- Revise the pronunciation emphasis of the numbers taught in the previous session by checking a few examples with the students.

Concept introduction (5-7 minutes) • To explain the function of adjectives and how there can be opposite adjectives

- Elicit the introduced adjectives (i.e. good & bad) by showing the visuals. - Associate each adjective to series of nouns. - Conclude that the two adjectives are indeed the opposite of each other.

First speaking task (10-12 minutes) • To introduce the word adjective and to teach the students some opposite adjectives

- Explain to the students how they need to match the right adjectives with the right pictures on the given handouts (i.e. ex1) by discussing them with their partner. - Hand out the right answers to the students. - Ask true and false questions to make sure they understood the adjectives. - Draw a diagram with a noun in the middle and adjectives as its branches. - Ask the students what the given words are called collectively.

Grammar rules (10-12 minutes) • To teach the students the correct way of forming a sentence using adjectives and the adverb very

- Elicit the adverb very by showing the students different intensities of an adjective (e.g. hot) - Explain that very comes before adjectives. - Write down the 3 rules for using adjectives in a sentence with an example for each: Adjectives go after be and articles, adjectives go before nouns and adjectives are not plural with plural nouns. - Give the students scrambled sentences (i.e. ex3). Ask them to collaborate and put the words in the right order by writing numbers above the words. Demo this activity by doing one yourself. Give them 2 minutes to do it. _ Hand out the answers.

Second speaking task (10-12 minutes) • To practice the lessons learned in this session

- Put the pictures of different cities and landmarks on the board. - Ask students to associate each of the learnt adjectives to the locations while discussing the images in pairs. Each student in turn should ask about an adjective and the other answer whether the location carries that quality. Give the students 2 minutes for the task. - Ask the students to change their seats. -Then ask them to find two locations for each adjective in pairs and then compare the two locations in terms of the intensity of their qualities by using very for only one of the locations. Give them 2 minutes for the task. - If there is enough time ask the students to read their sentences for one of the adjectives. - Give them a set of example answers as a handout.

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