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Murder in a country house (Reading)
Elementary level


In this lesson students will practise two reading skills: reading for gist and reading for specific information. They will also gain some new vocabulary items concerning the lesson topic, have pair and whole class speaking activities and practise grammar (Past Simple tense; irregular verbs).


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Main Aims

  • Reading for gist and reading for specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • Revision of irregular verbs and controlled speaking activities


Lead-in (4 minutes) • Eliciting the lesson topic from students

Watching the video in order to make prediction about lesson topic. Before showing the video I write two questions on the whiteboard: Where are they? What happened? After watching the movie trailer Ss will answer about the above-mentioned questions.

Elicit new vocabulary (3 minutes)

After watching the video Ss will know that the lesson topic is murder. The word ,,murder`` might be unfamiliar for students being on elementary level. First, I will try to get them guess the word. Then I will write the word on the whiteboard.

Vocabulary matching (4 minutes) • Revision of irregular verbs

I write irregular verbs with their infinitive and past simple forms on small sheets of paper. I divide students into three or four groups and distribute the cards. They are to match the infinitive forms of irregular verbs with their past simple forms.

Elicitation of answers (7 minutes)

Before reading the passage on the back of the book students will try to answer the following questions: What`s this? Is it a story? Is it from a book? Id it from a newspaper? What kind of story is it? I will show the picture of the book cover on the screen. Then Ss read and tell the correct answers.

Focus on the pictures (5 minutes)

Get Ss practise in pairs saying who everybody is in relation to Jeremy. For instance: Who is Amanda? Who is Claudia? Who is Barbara?.. I show the questions and answers on the screen.

Reading for specific information (8 minutes)

Ss work in pairs. They will go through the text and mark the sentences T(true) or F(false). They will compare the answers with each other. Then they will explain why the F sentences are false. Teacher provides answer key on the screen.

Speaking (6 minutes)

Students work in pairs and discuss the following questions: What time did Mr Travers die? Who did inspector Granger speak to first? What time did Amanda Travers go to bed? What did Amanda do before she went to sleep? What did she see at 8 o`clock? Did she love Mr Travers?

Round-up (3 minutes)

Whole-class discussion about the following question: Who killed Mr Travers?

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