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Teaching Practice 7
Upper-intermediate level


This lesson is a listening lesson about advertisement. First, students discuss about an advertisement picture. Then, they listen to a radio programme about advertisement tricks and do some practices. This is followed by controlled and freer speaking activities.


Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed listening in the context of advertisement tricks

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide fluency speaking practice in the context of creating an advert


Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • to analyze an advertisement and discuss about it

Tell students that they will watch a withdrawn advertisement because of misleading. Clarify the meanings of 'withdraw' and 'mislead', write them on the board. Show the video and ask students to discuss in pairs and find out why was the advert withdrawn? Distribute the HO on which there is the poster of the advert. To give clue, show another picture. Elicit the answer that the eyelashes are false.

Pre-Listening - vocabulary (3-5 minutes) • to pre-teach the vocabulary needed for the task

Tell students that they will listen to a radio programme, but beforehand, they need some vocabulary. Ask Ss whether they know the words 'trick & celebrity' or not; if not, clarify the meanings and write on the board, drill the words.

While-Listening #1 (12-14 minutes) • to listen for gist

Ask students to listen to an audio and tick the things that the women mentions that are often used in adverts. Give them some time to read the options and let them listen to the audio. Then Ss do pair check, and let them listen to the audio again. Ask for the answers. Project the HO on the board and tick on the correct answers.

While-Listening #2 (12-14 minutes) • to listen for details

Ask students to listen again and take notes about why the things they have ticked are often a trick? Let them listen, while they listen, pause between the tricks and ask what the trick is and why they use it. Here is important, because they'll use these information in the speaking part. Then ask them to share their notes with their partners. Before pair check, change their seat and make new pairs.

Controlled speaking practice (6-8 minutes) • to personalize and talk about the context

Show students the HO and ask them to find four different people, ask their questions and write theirs names and answers. Give 2 minutes, then ask them to talk to their partners about the answers on their HOs. And ask for some answers to WC

Freer speaking practice (8-10 minutes) • to speak fluently and make an advert

Show students a shampoo that I bring. Ask them to work in pairs and make an advert for that shampoo. All pairs works on the same item, they can use their notes, they can take notes on their papers, but not sentences. Monitor the students, help if needed. Take note the mistakes, but delay correction. When they are ready, ask Ss to present their advert to the other pair and try to sell the shampoo. Then other pair makes the same thing, too. Then ask to the pairs if they could sell or not. Swap the pair members and ask them to discuss about why they would buy the product or why not, which tricks they used. After pair discussion ask for the results.

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