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TP 7
Upper-Intermediate level


Sts ın thıs upper-intermediate class are between 20-60. There are 2 men and 5 women.Some of them have jobs, others are retired. One girl is a university student.They have different levels of motivation and different purposes for learning English. Some of them have been together for several months. Most of the group are visual learners. They also enjoy discussions on different topics. Some of the students are more focused on grammar while others are more interested in live practice.


Abc questions handouts
Abc text handouts
Abc writing activity hand outs
Abc speaking questions hand outs
Abc oral story

Main Aims

  • To give sts review and practice of "be/get used to" structures in the context of changes in a new place.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give sts controlled writing and semi-controlled speaking practice for accuracy with "be/get used to" structures in the context of changes in a new place.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to set the context of changes

Holding handouts Give sts instruction to ask and answer questions about changes they have had to cope with. Deliver handouts, give sts 2-3 min to discuss the questions.While monitoring take notes of what they are saying so as to use the info for examples at later stages.

presenting a text (3-5 minutes) • introduce a text describing changes in a new place

Give instructions to sts to read the text about the changes the teacher has had to deal with in Instanbul and compare the info with their own predictions.Tell sts to discuss this in pairs. Get fb by asking how different were their ideas.

noticing structures (3-4 minutes) • to get sts to notice structures "be/get used to" in the text

Chesting the material tell sts they now have to look at the text again and find sentences describing how changes are described. Ask sts to find the differences in the sentences and discuss them in pairs. Ask ICQs. Deliver hand outs.

analysing "be/get used to" structures (5-8 minutes) • to get sts to analyse "be/get used to" structures

Using sts answers from the previous stage elicit the 2 different structures and write them on WB in 2 columns. Ask sts about the difference. If sts are confused, explain to them that "be" expresses a state, situation and "get" means "to become".Ask what can follow the structure,Write it on the WB. Ask sts how questions and negatives are formed, and how the structures change in tense. Encourage sts to make more examples using info from the lead-in activity. Write some on the WB. Get the sts to pronounce the structures correctly.

writing practice (8-11 minutes) • to give sts writing practice for accuracy

Regroup the sts. Holding the material explain sts they have to complete the gaps in the writing activity about people experiencing changes in their lives in Istanbul,Turkey.Ask ICQs. Deliver handouts. Monitor sts, take notes of confusing points. When they have finished ask them to check with their patners. Present answers for them to check their work.

Speaking practice (8-12 minutes) • to give sts speaking practice using the target language

Give instructions to sts to read the questions about changes they have been through and discuss them with their partners. Get the fb. During the fb, carry out the necessary immediate error correction.More time-consuming points should be worked on at the end.

extra speakıng actıvıty (5-7 minutes) • to provıde more speakıng practıce for fluency ın the context of changes

Tell students a story about changes ın hıs/her lıfe and ask them to thınk about the questıons or talk about theır personal experıence ın paırs. "I'd like to tell you how changes influenced my life. Before I was terrified of changing things in my life even if I was unhappy about some of fhem.I was afraid of losing my job,staying away from people surrounding me,throwing away old rubbish and many more. When I suddenly lost my job which I'd wanted to leave for a long time,i thought I would have hard times looking a for a new one.However,a Week hadnt passed before I got hired by a big international company,where I made friends so quickly and easily that I couldn't believe it myself. It seemed as if it Took no time to get used to the new life.This change taught me a good lesson: one should not be afraid of changes.The more open-minded we are about changes, the easier it is to get used to them. What do you think of changes?are they good or bad for people?" Get the fb.

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