hassen hassen

upper intermediate level


Abc HO/ WB/ Reading text

Main Aims

  • Enable my learners to read a text and understand TL

Subsidiary Aims

  • To interact /Speak about time management in a free activity using TL


lead in (5-7 minutes) • set the context of the reading topic

T: Are you going to do something special this weekend? SS Yes, we are celebrating our best friend's birthday .... T how old is he by then ? SS :26. T :do you remember that every year? SS : yes, of course T: can you tell me how? T now gives out HO task 1 p18 ss book . T :work in pairs to discuss these questions. FB; Enact a dialogue.

pre-listening (5 minutes) • pre-teach listening vocabulary blockers

please refer to vocabulary analysis sheet

while reading • stage 1 :Gist reading

SS perfom a matching task: b page 18 . FB on WB

stage 2 (8-12 minutes) • reading for a specific information

In pairs SS perform the following task [c] . T Groups SS to check answers. T asks SS to stand up and move around the room to check classmates answers. WC FB . T ; clarification and error correction.

Reading for inference (10 minutes) • To understand the text in more depth

task d. T :"work in groups discuss these questions.

post reading;speaking (10-12 minutes) • to allow an opportunity to react to the text and to develop oral fluency in the topic

with reference to the same Task , SS now stand up and change partners in order to discuss the questions openly. T monitors and corrects oral production errors.

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