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In this lesson, the students will practice reading skills and receptive skills in the context of heartwarming stories the teacher will first do the lead in by showing the students a touching picture in order to elicit from them the adjective heartwarming the follow up with some pre vocabulary and by now the teacher can help the students with more exposure by showing the students headlines and pictures from the texts so that they can predict and fully grasp the context. In the second step, the teacher is ready to prepare students for the while reading sub-skills in addition they will practice productive activities for the teacher's main aim and based most of his activities for the students to practice speaking.


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Main Aims

  • To provide the SS the practice of reading skills and receptive skills in the context of heart-warming stories.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practice reading sub-skills such as reading for gist and reading for details and also prepare the SS for productive skills mainly speaking to provide fluency in the context of heartwarming stories


Warmer/Lead-in (7 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T will start first by showing a picture to give the SS exposure about the context, they will be given just one minute to look carefully into the picture then T will give them questions: ( such as what do you see; what do you think is happening; how do you feel while looking at the picture) in order to elicit the adjective heartwarming and give feedback. Now that the students have a slight idea about the contest the T will share a story of his own about a touching story then will ask the SS to do the same thing then doing ICQ (such as what are you going to talk about, and how many minutes do you have). Then send them into breakout rooms for 2 minutes to share their own stories while the T monitors in the rooms.

Pre-Reading (15 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible

Now the students have an idea about the context and may relate to it on a personal level the T activated background knowledge of the SS and now in order to block any upcoming problems the SS will do a pre vocabulary activity T will send the students in the shat box a worksheet to match the words with appropriate definitions the T will instruct them first to do them individually then will send them into beak out rooms to discuss vocabulary and before this the T will do ICQ then for the feedback T will show moving pictures on the ppt slides and then do the drilling for the SS to achieve perfect pronunciation and now the final step in pre reading in order to activate schemata and prepare the SS for the text the T will show the students headlines and pictures of the four texts then will instruct the students to make predictions about the texts the T will give them time to do them individually then elicit from the students.

While-Reading for gist 30 seconds each text (9 minutes) • To provide students with specific information

Now that the students have fully grasped the contest and have predictions on what the text is going to be about. The T shows in the ppt slides 4 different texts each slide has one text with a question the T starts giving clear instructions speaking carefully while looking at the students then starts doing ICQ such as :( how many texts where are the question/ how many seconds) and for this task, they will have 30 seconds for each text since they are short articles about heartwarming stories and upon hearing 30 seconds and emphasizing on the word quickly the students will mainly look for the main answers without reading in detail wich is the main aim of this activity the SS will do this activity individually for all the previous activities were mainly pair work so the T will vary on the interaction of his activities and also to encourage more autonomous work and by now the SS goy the global understanding for the text.

While-Reading for details (15 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed, and inference reading tasks

Now that the students know what the texts are about, they are ready for a deeper understanding of the texts and have information about who is it talking about and what happened they are ready to read for details and more information and for the main activity the teacher will show again the texts to the students giving them instruction that the texts have unfinished sentences then sending the task in the chatbox giving them 5minutes sending them into breakout rooms then do ICQ such as what are you supposed to do where are the gaps that you should fill where are the sentences to fill the text with how many minutes and such monitor the students silently make sure that they understood let them do the free practice so that they could do a productive task and by now the main aims and the sub aims have been all achieved by the students.

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