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TP 3 Khayala
Elementary,A1 level


In this lesson students will listen to a recording in which they will mainly focus on specific details such as understanding Present Simple questions containing new phrases ,related to free times activities:go out,stay in,go shopping,do sport,etc .Students will spend sufficient time on the vocabulary and will have an opportunity to take part in interactive activities,such as prediction, matching and personalisation.


Abc cut-outs,
Abc gap-fill exercise,
Abc pictures
Abc recording- CD 1 R3.4, R 3.5
Abc discussion cards
Abc w/b

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with practice in listening for specific detail

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce useful supporting vocabulary in the context of free time activities


Warm- up (5-7 minutes) • To review some of the vocab about daily life

Welcome the Ss.Call a student to the board and ask him to face the class. Show the words "weekend,daily routine,free time' on OHP. Ask the class to explain on e of the words without using the actual word. Continue with different Ss. FB

Pre- Listening (12-14 minutes) • To prepare Ss for the listening tasks and introduce some useful vocabulary

Show Ss pictures of free time activities on the w/b.( Do not display all at once.) Elicit the words and phrases using pictures. To go for a drink CCqs- Does it mean to go to a cafe?Do we drink in a cafe? Eat out-CCQs- Point/Geture 'out'.Do we eat at home?Where do we eat? Stay in-CCQ-Gesture 'in' -Do we eat in a cafe?Do we go out?Where do we stay? After eliciting each picture put the phrase next to it and drill. Group the Ss :Give them the halves of the phrases and ask them to to find their partner.e.g.One S will have "go" on his/her card, whereas the other will have "shopping" Display the substitution table on OHP. (attached to the lesson plan) Invite Ss to ask questions from each other and answer using the new phrases.

While listening (8-10 minutes) • To provide Ss with the task listening for specific detail

Show the picture to the class.Write the names of the people next to it. Elicit the picture.-CCQs- Who are in the picture? Where are they? Are they good friends? Write the ides on the board. Listening for specific detail Listen to Robert's questions.Fill in the gaps. Play the recording.(R 3.4) FB:w/c Drill the sentences paying attention how we say 'do yo' in questions. Instruction:Listen to the conversation.Tick the true sentences. ICQs.. Play the recording.R 3.5. Monitor the class.Play again if needed. FB: Peer- check. Instruction:Listen again.Choose Tanya's answers to Robert's questions. ICQs Play the recording. FB: Answer key on the board.

Post -Reading (7-10 minutes) • To give Ss freer speaking practice

Group the Ss.Give them the discussion cards and invite them to talk about the topic."What are your favourite things to do on Saturdays? Take some general FB.

Closure/Back up (3-5 minutes) • To review the new phrases

Play a 'Collocation Fork' game. Praise the winners.

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