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TP 1
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn vocabulary related to camping based on a reading text about Machu Picchu. The lesson starts with a vocabulary game. This is followed by considering more vocabulary linked to camping through linking new words with pictures and vocabulary. Finally, there is a speaking activity in which students practice their new vocabulary in pairs and within groups.


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Abc Different words written in a seperate papers.

Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice vocabulary related to camping

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking and introduce compound nouns


Lead-in: (6-7 minutes) • By using familiar vocabulary to introduce compound nouns

I will start the lesson with a word game. Putting students into teams, I will put words like dinner, boy, book, friend, shop etc.. written on a A4 on WB, by using paper stuck. I will give 2-3 minutes and then ask them to match two words to make a compound noun and if they are successful they will get points.

Vocabulary building (9-10 minutes) • To elicit with which words they are familiar with

After the students matched the words I will elicit the fact that they are made of two words and are compound nouns. Then I will give them a pictures related to camping, adapted from Strait Forward course book on page 47, asking them to sit in pairs and try and name what they can see. By this I will elicit which words they already know and give them a clue about the new words which are related to previous reading session.

Cont. Vocabulary Building (13-14 minutes) • To introduce and practice new words

This stage is linked to previous one; after having feedbacks on previous stage ( listening to students opinion without giving answers, but correcting pronunciation) I will ask students to sit in pairs and hand them a match exercise. They are expected to match the two halves in to compound nouns. Then I will ask them to walk to other tables and compare their answers. While they are comparing answer I'll stick pictures from the previous stage on one side of WB and stick new words from match ex. on the other. After they done comparing I will hand them answers and then ask them to match words to the picture. While matching We will do pronunciation practice together.

Freer speaking practice (14-15 minutes) • Speaking practise, practise of new words.

My last stage is a speaking activity which also includes practise of new vocabulary. I will ask them to choose 5 objects from the pictures used in previous stages that they would take with them to Macchu Picch.First, students individually will think and make notes on why they need those objects.(About two minutes). Then in pairs students will meet and compare their notes and discuss them. After I will ask them to reach a compromise about six items they agree on ( about two minutes). When pairs have reached a compromise, I will join them into larger groups of three. Again students should discuss and finally reach a compromise solution from the whole group. Then I will ask each group about their decision and reasons for it.

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