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Intermediate, B1 level


In this lesson, T tells Ss two stories about two people as a lead-in activity. Ss listen and try to guess what the connection is between them. If no one gets the right answer, T tells them. Then, T asks questions about the connection between the two people. Ss work in pairs and try to answer them. Ss read the reading text about Martin Guerre and put the paragraphs in order. Then, ss work in groups and complete the sentenses with the phrases in ex 3. It is follewed by a free practice speaking activity..


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Main Aims

  • to provide practice in gist reading and reading for specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice in speaking for fluency in the context of the mysteries


Warm up/ Lead-in (10 minutes) • To set lesson context and raise Ss' interest.

T tells Ss two stories about two people and asks them to guess the connection between them. ( T tells the stories twice) I: I am going to tell you two stories about two people. Listen and try to guess the possible connection between these two people. work in pairs. ICQs: how many stories are you going to listen? what are the stories about? Story 1: Archibald Belaney was born in Hastings in south-east England in 1888. His mother was very young and his father was a drunkard whom he only saw a few times. When his family split up, Archibald went to live with his aunts and started to work cutting and selling wood when he was sixteen. Story 2: Wa-sha-quan-asin was an American Indian. His name means Grey Owl in English. He worked as fur trapper and was an expert on the wildlife of Canadian forests. He wrote books and articles about Native American life. In the 1930s, He came to England for a lecture tour. T gets feedback ( WC) If no one gets the right answer, T tells them. Answer: Belaney and Grey Owl were the same person. He was an imposter. When he was young, he had been very interested in stories about Indians and collected unusual animals. Belaney emigrated to Canada in 1906 as a student of agriculture, but very soon started to pretend to be a real Indian. Local people accepted him and he soon married an Indian woman. When he came to England , he visited Hastings. His aunts recognized him but didn't tell anyone his secret.

Pre-reading Section (10 minutes) • To prepare Ss for the reading text and and provide a link to the previous warmer section.

T asks Ss following questions as discussion starters and tries to provide a link between the two sories told at the warmer section and reading text. Do you think he was wrong to pretend to be someone else? why do you think he did it? If you didn't see your boy/girlfriend/wife/husband for eight years, would you recognize them when they returned? Ss work in two groups and discuss these questions.

While Reading (10 minutes) • To read for the gist/overall meaning of the text and to read for the specific details

1-Ss read the story of Martin Guerre and put the paragraph in order. I: Read the paragraphs and put them in order. Do not worry if you don't understand every word. answers: 1-D, 2-B, 3-E, 4-A, 5-C 2- Ss read the text again and compllete the sentences 1-7 with the phrases a-g. I:Read the text again and complete the sentences with the phrases. answers: 1d, 2g, 3a, 4f, 5e, 6c, 7b

Speaking (15 minutes) • To provide practice in sepaking for fluency

T asks a question about a specific detail from the text and wants them to discuss it in pairs and then as a class. I. Could Bertrande really have believed that Arnaud was her husband? why or why not? Work in groups of three. during the speaking activity, T takes notes of ss'2 mistakes and correct them at the end of the activity in order not to break down the communication.

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