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Free Time
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn and practice leisure time vocabulary as well as telling time.


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Main Aims

  • To practice functional language in the context of free time.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice listening for specific information and semi-controlled speaking.


Stage 1 Lead In (Elicit Vocabulary) (8-10 minutes) • to introduce or at least refamiliarize the class with the lesson's vocabulary and theme

(Have sentence fragments already on the walls) -Play video of Flashmob in Kadikoy. -What are they doing? dancing -Are they at their jobs? no -When do they do this? after work, weekend, time off -Great -Picture of US city skyline. -Where is this? a city. . . New York. . . USA. . . . -Picture of workers. -Who are they? engineer, doctor, lawyer, teacher. . . . . -Do they work everyday? no -What days do the workers stay at home? Saturday, Sunday, weekend, -What do they do in their free time? Listen if they answer, then move to eliciting. (Elicit vocab) Show pictures. Drill the vocab.

Stage 2 Drilling in small groups (5-7 minutes) • Drilling Vocabulary

-Pass out sets of the pictures so they can practice in small groups.

Stage 3 Speaking Practice (5-10 minutes) • Semi Controlled Speaking

(Demo) -"I like to play music." Show picture. Give positive hand gesture (not thumbs up, but Italian enthusiasm or Spanish eating bread hand sign). "I don't like to play golf." Show picture. Give upward head tilt or hand clear sign. - Ask student if they like to play music. Write their name down and show them. -Make gesture to have them ask me. -gesture to have that student ask someone and monitor to make sure it goes well. -Have students stand up and ask each other, writing their names down to show who likes to do what -Write on the Whiteboard each vocabulary word in a boxed section on the left side of the board as they do the exercise

Stage 4 (Listening) (5-6 minutes) • to practice listening for specific information

-Pass out Listening HOs -Listen and "check" (demo with hand) what you hear. -Play track 92 -Listen again and circle. - "What did you hear?" to elicit the answers from the students.

Stage 5 Putting Sentences Together (5-6 minutes) • Pronunciation and realizing the relation between "wh" pronouns and question content

(Demo and drill before the students place the writing together) -free time (motion to have students repeat) -have free time -you have free time -do you have free time -when do you have free time? -free time -your free time -in your free time -meet in your free time -you meet in your free time -do you meet in your free time -who do you meet in your free time? -cost -it cost -does it cost -how much does it cost? - (demo) Place the parts of the question they just asked up on the board and point to the wall where other pieces are stuck.

Stage 6 Telling the Time (8-12 minutes) • to demonstrate how time is told a functional context

Set a time and have the class tell me what time it is. Speak when necessary. -First, move through hours - (1) It's 1 o'clock (do a couple to drill) -It's 1:15, it's 1:30, it's 1:45 (do a couple to drill) -It's quarter after 1, half past 1, quarter to 2 (do a couple to drill) -Drill interchangeably to show that there are 2 ways to say it - Use night/day card 1 (2,3,4, etc) in the morning/AM, then Noon and 12, 1-5 in the afternoon, 6-11 at night, and 12 midnight - give arbitrary times to show the "oh" time method and general times: 1 oh 5, 1:10, 1:20 In the morning, I get up at. . . . . (move clock to 6:30), wait for response. (To student) ________, when do you get up in the morning? point that student to another to ask the question. What time do you wake up? When do you go to work? When do you go to bed? -When exercise is underway, write on the board: - 1 o' clock -1:15 / quarter after 1 - 1:30 / half past 1 - 1:45 / quarter to 2 - in the morning (12:01am- 11:59 am) -12 pm / noon -in the afternoon (12:01pm- 5:59pm) -at night (6pm- 11:59pm) -12am / midnight

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