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TV Star Oprah, Past Simple Lesson, TP5
Elementary level


In this lesson, the students will practise the Past Simple tense, regular verbs through a TV Star Oprah reading. As well as learning about the past simple form of verbs and practising them, the students will be able to practise their reading and listening skills. At the end of the lesson, the students will have chance to practice their speaking skills.


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Main Aims

  • To teach and practice the regular form of the past simple in the context of a TV Star.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide activities to the students in order to practice their listening and reading skills.


Stage 1 (Leading) (3-4 minutes) • To get Ss ready for the lesson

-T talks about her grandparents as an example. (My grandfather was born in Kırşehir in 1929. He worked in navy. He lived in many different cities. He worked so hard all the time. He loved my grandmother and reading. He moved to Izmir when retired in 1970 and he died in 2002.) -T asks the ss to talk about their grandparents or a famous person they now about. (Where were they born? Where did they live? Who did they marry? Which school did they go to?) -T elicits the answers and makes error correction if needed.

Stage 2 (pre-teach vocab) (7-8 minutes) • To teach vocab before listening to the audio

-T pre-teaches the new vocab. - T shows pictures related with the new vocab and tries to elicit. (billionaire, to give money to charity, childhood, coal mine, clever, receive a scholarship.)

Stage 3 (Listening) (6-7 minutes) • To provide listening for specific information

-T shows pictures of her from Oprah's Tv show and T asks "Who is she?" - If the ss do not her, T tells "She is very famous talk show host in US". -T gives the instructions for the task 3 (text B) and the Ho's. (folded paper) - ICQ: Are we answering Qs 3? Yes. -T shows one as an example. - Ss work alone and check their answers in pairs. -T monitors and gives feedback.

Stage 4 (Regular Verbs) (12-14 minutes) • To introduce the regular verbs

- T asks ss what they watched yesterday on TV. - T models "watched" and gives puzzle game and the instructions. - ICQ: Are we finding the Past Simple forms of these verbs? Yes. - T to ss play tennis game with the verbs and the past simple forms. - T asks Ss to complete gap fill in text C and check their answers from cd. - T monitors and give delayed feedback.

Stage 5 (Teaching) (3-4 minutes) • To teach the past simple

-T teaches the past simple tense.

Stage 6 (Fill in the gaps) (3-4 minutes) • To provide an activity to the ss in order to practice past simple

- T gives the instructions for the activity 6. - T shows the 1st Qs as an example. - Ss work alone to complete. - T monitors and elicits the answers from them.

Stage 7 (Freer activity) (3-4 minutes) • To provide freer activity to the ss in order to practice regular verbs and past simple

- T gives to each ss a picture (guitar, school, place, movie, mathematics exam, basketball) - T tells to ss go out and ask each other Qs acording to pictures given. - T monitors and takes notes for the delayed feedback.

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