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Southern Snakes lesson
Upper Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson ss will practise present perfect simple and continues through the context of Southern snakes. They will also have a chance to improve their receptive skills by L for gist and detail.


Abc Answer Key listening 4
Abc Answer Key grammar 3
Abc Listening Tapescript HO
Abc Gap-fill HO
Abc Gap-fill HO from SB
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Abc Discuss with your pair HO
Abc L for detail exercise
Abc Putting in order exercise

Main Aims

  • To practise use of present perfect simple and continues in the context of Southern snakes.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To improve receptive skills such as listening for specific information and detail.


Stage 1 (Warmer, Lead in to L) (3-4 minutes) • To warm up students to the topic

- Draw a rattlesnake on the board. Ask if they know what it is called in English. Give the inital 'R' as a hint. - Ask them to discuss shortly with their partners: Do you like snakes? Why, why not? Have you ever touched a snake? Why so many people are afraid of snakes? Would you consider to try snake meat? - Nominate a student to report back.

Stage 2 (Pre and while L) (16-20 minutes) • to practise L for gist and detail

- Project an exercise for ss to sort the action which requires the most courage (1) to the action which requires the least (4). They will work in pairs. Which of those they'll be able to do? - Project two photos of rattlesnake show in Texas and ask them to discuss with their partners and make few notes on them. What do you think the man in the photo is doing? What are the photos taken from? What kind of place is this? - Play the L part for them to see if they guessed something right. - Show them L exer. 4 to read before L for the second time. They should do it while listening. - Play the audio for the last time. - Let them check with their parters. - Project the answer key on the WB.

Stage 3 (Post L lead-in Grammar) (7-8 minutes) • to practise receptive skills and to transit to grammar

- Give them HO to discuss about L part. - Write below sentences on the WB I've been waiting for you to go to rattlesnake show together. I've waited for you to go to rattlesnake show together. - Nominate ss to FB Is there a difference between those two sentences? If yes, what is it? - Project a sentence on the WB taken from the text. -Interchange the PPS and PPC parts of the sentence. Ask if there's a difference in the meaning. Can we use the tenses this way? If no, why?

Stage 4 (Practising Grammar) (13-15 minutes) • To clarify and practise PPS and PPC

- Give them grammar HO from student book for gap-filling exercise, ask them to work in pairs. - Project the answer key on the WB. Some blanks can have both tenses. Ask ss why, If they don't know explain. - Give them another HO from the working book. - Project exer.1 on the WB they need to choose the right tense. SS will work solo then check with their partners. - Nominate ss for FB. - They will do exer. 2 with their partners. - Nominate pairs to FB

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