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Teaching Practise 1
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson,Students are waited to know second conditional ; alternatives for if based on a reading passage How honest are you?.There comes the examples of the grammar issue which will be discussed later on.The lesson will start with a couple sentences about --Provided,as long as,assume,assuming,imagine and only if .And then,there will be a couple of questions to calculate students general knowledge about the issue learnt recently.After that,Choosing the Correct Words exercise will be on the stage.Finally,Question and Answer activity gives way to a practice by a final pair-work grammar activity.


Abc Gap-Fill Handout.

Main Aims

  • Main aim:Grammar:To present and practise alternatives for if(suppose,imagine,provided,assuming,as long as)used in the second conditional to describe hypothetical situations.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Sub-Aim:To give sts semi-controlled speaking practice to develop spoken accuracy.


Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • To get students familiar with the words

I start my lesson get students to look at the highlighted words in the text from Neylan's and elicit them onto the WB

Giving an example (6-10 minutes) • to elicit from students where thy can put imagine and suppose/supposing

Writing on the WB' If I needed paper ,I'd steal it from the office. ......no one was looking.)Elicit from students where can put imagine and suppose (to replace if ) make sure students understand they mean the same and are a replacement for if. Now , ask sts which words they can put in the space(provided,as long as, assuming) and check students understand the difference in meaning.

Controlled Practice. (8-9 minutes) • To check the sts understand the meaning and use of the alternatives for if.

Get sts to do ex.5.In pairs they choose the correct words or in some cases both are possible.Do the first one as an example all class

Semi-controlled practice. (5-8 minutes) • giving sts semi-controlled speaking practice to develop their spoken accuracy.

To give sts further practice ı will divide the class into the group A and group B .Group A complete the questions on pg.105 and group B on page 108.

Speaking check (8-10 minutes) • To put into practice what they learnt.

Pari one person from group A and one person from group B they sit together and answer the questions.Monitor and correct as appropriate.To finish the lesson get some quick WCFB to hear some of the students ideas

Quiz (3-7 minutes) • for fun

the last practice if we have time.

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