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Intermediate (B1) level


In this lesson we will look at the use of definite and indefinite articles as well as some and any used with countable and uncountable nouns


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Abc exercise 3 handout
Abc gap-fill handout
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Abc listening handout
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of definite and indefinite articles and determiners some and any in the context of grocery shopping

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a freer practice in the context of count and non-count nouns
  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a controlled and semi controlled practice in the context of gro


Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • to engage the students and also have them talk about the items they learnt earlier

I will start the lesson by first telling the students that they are going to watch a short video ad and give them HOs and they should check the items on the list that they can see in the video.After watching the video they should check their answers in pairs for a minute and then the correct answers are checked in class.

controlled listening practice (4-5 minutes) • to expose the students to the context and activate their schemata

the students are going to listen to a telephone conversation and they are given a handout with the script of the conversation and some gaps that they need to fill in.Once they have listened and completed the gaps,they then check their answers in pairs and as a class quickly.

further practice (4-5 minutes) • to expose the students to different ways of using articles

the students are given a short gap-fill handout with the aim of having more practice of definite and indefinite articles.they should take a minute to do it in pairs and then the correct answers are checked.

clarification of meaning and form (6-8 minutes) • to clarify the form and also meaning of the main aim of the lesson

the teacher will give the students a HO with some questions to clarify the form and meaning. The students answer the questions in 2 minutes in pairs and then answers are checked in class.some sample sentences are written on the board and then the pronunciation is also clarified.

semi-controlled practice (4-5 minutes) • to help the students work out the rules the just learned

at this stage,the teacher gives the students handouts with some exercises that they need to choose the correct answers. the exercises mainly deal with definite and indefinite articles.they first do it in new pairs and then whole class feedback is taken.

Freer spoken practice (6-8 minutes) • to give the students to freely use the language they learnt

the teacher gives the students a minute to think and make a list of the things they need at home.then he puts them in pairs and asks them to ask each other about their shopping lists and also make notes of what their partners need to buy.the students will report to class about what their partners grocery needs are.

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