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A1 (Beginner) level


In this lesson, Ss will learn about possessive 's through a reading text about 'Family Album'. The lesson starts with focusing on possessive 's and Ss get clear meaning about it and learn the difference between this & apostrophe 's .They will do some practise about it and finally Ss do activity about family vocab, ages, jobs and speaking in the context of possessive.


Abc Barry&Wendy's Family
Abc Family Album
Abc Google pictures

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of possessive 's in the context of family, jobs and ages

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy and fluency speaking practice in a back to back conversation in the context of family,ages and jobs


Warmer- Lead in (5 minutes) • To review reading session and get Ss to remember what it includes

Ask Ss questions about Murphy Family -Who is Sean, How old is he? Sean is their new baby/ He is sixteen months old now. -What is Jennifer and Michael's parent' names?- Donna & Martin -What is Sharon's job?- She's an actor.

Grammer (20 minutes) • To give clear meaing of possessive 's

Write examples from The Murphy Family on the board Ask Ss to look at the web page The Murphy Family again want them to find examples of possessive 's. Examples: This is our new baby Sean. He's sixteen months old! My wife's parents: Donna and Martin. They are from Oxford.They're teachers. This is my grandparents' house in Cork,Ireland... This is my sister,Sharon with her friend,Diane.Diane's American.She's an actor. ---- Ask Ss to complete ex 2 - Ask them to check with their pairs and control it together Ask Ss to complete ex 3- Write an example sentence : Sean --->Michael Sean is Michael's son Ask them to make 4 sentences in their worksheet ------ Put David&Victoria Beckham's picture on the board- write their names and ages Ask Ss to Who is he&she? Who is Brookly Joseph Beckham? How old is he ? ....

If time activity (20 minutes) • To encourage Ss to talk about family members and usage of possessive

T introduces the Student A & B papers (Barry&Wendy's Family) to the Ss. Show them Barry&Wendy's family to the Ss and tell this paper includes some names, jobs and ages of ten people in the same family. Choose one S to come into the middle and seat with her/him back to back. Ask her/him - What's Barry's Job? - How old is he? - What's their daughter's name? Give Ss the worksheet and say don't look at each other's paper and want them to ask questions.

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