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TP 6 writing an email to complain about a product
Upper-intermediate level


In this lesson the students will learn how to write a formal email to complain about a product they have ordered. They will also perform some speaking activities relating to the lessons topic.


Abc Jamboard slides, google docs form and Zoom.

Main Aims

  • To get the students to write an email with formal language relating to a product complaint.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in conversation relating to the lessons topic.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To generate students interest in the lessons topic.

To get the students to discuss when they last ordered a product which was bad so they wrote an email to complain. "When was the last time you ordered something and it was bad so you had to write an email complaint to get the problem the fixed".

Text analysis (8-10 minutes) • To present and practice understanding of lessons TL and topic.

Show students an example email to discuss and analyse before they practice writing they're on email. Get the students to identify the different sections of the email and the type of language used. "what information is in section 1?" "what information is in section 2?" "what information is in section 3?" "what type of language is used, is it formal or informal?" "What is their complaint about?" "What is their request at the end of the email to the company?" "What do they provide at the end of the email?"

Writing their own email review (15-20 minutes) • To provide controlled writing practice activity of the target language.

Get the students to write their own formal email complaint about a product they have ordered. "You are now going to write your own email complaining about a product you have ordered, you can look back at the example if you need help".

Feedback and DEC. (7-10 minutes) • To provide feedback and DEC to students .

Provide a checklist to students to check each others work and provide each other feedback. After this I'll allow the students to ask questions and I'll provide some feedback to the class and do DEC. "I want you guys to look at this checklist of things that should be in your email, I'm going to to put you with a partner and I want to check each others email, to see if there is any mistakes and to give us each other some feedback".

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