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Copy of teaching plan 8
Intermediate , B2 level level


In this lesson sts will practice develop writing skills in a context of mixed culture marriage. students brainstorm their ideas in groups to talk about advantages and disadvantages about the topic. it helps them to collect their ideas in groups and write them down without accuracy. Sts also order their strips of paper into rough paragraph- introduction body and conclusion, in order to raise awareness of coherence.


Abc cut-up cohesive devices
Abc Strips
Abc pictures about different marriages

Main Aims

  • Writing- to provide sts to practice process writing and produce a rough paragraph to write an essay they have produced.

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking- To give sts discussion advantages and disadvantages of mixed culture marriage in context.


lead in (3-5 minutes) • to set the context sts will discuss a picture and answer some questions

I will show a picture of mixed nationality weddings to elicit some ideas from sts. i will ask what do you think this picture about? what do you think advantages or disadvantages can be?

discussion of advantages and disadvantages (3-5 minutes) • to share thier ideas to each other about the topic

after they get some ideas from the pictures, sts will talk in pairs and share their ideas about mixed culture marriage

Writing on WB (4-5 minutes) • sts will write some discussed ideas pros and cons.

sts will come up to the WB and write some pros and cons that they have already discussed.

writing discursive essay (7-8 minutes) • to raise sts awareness of audience, giving sts a sense of purpose writing discursive essay

In groups, sts will write an essay which is required a formal language. in each strips of paper both prons or crons. I will ask sts who will read this? -teacher. so that they will write it in formal way.

Putting in order (5-6 minutes) • to let students put the strips in order to make a good and formal essay.

sts will decide and put the sentences in order.

make an essay (7-8 minutes) • to encourage sts to connect their sentences with conjunctions.

sts will insert some cohesive devices between the sentences to link to each other. Sts make a good and formal essay.

writing the essay down (7-8 minutes) • to encourage sts to write an essay

sts from each group will be chosen as a representative to write an essay down. FB: peer check in groups. sts will walk around and look at each groups' essay. While they are walking around they also talk about it for correction or redrafting.

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