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Elementary level


Ss practice speaking for accuracy & fluency in the context of typical friends and the free-time activities they do.


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of language used to ask and answer what you do with friends in the context of Free time activities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of lexis related to free time activities
  • To provide practice of Present simple in the context of free


GTKY (2-3 minutes) • To energise students after their break. To reintroduce myself.

Write name on board and find out names of any students I have not seen before.

Lead-in (3 minutes) • To give students chance to familiarise themselves with material necessary for following tasks - controlled practice 1 and 2.

Show students handout 1 but do not give it yet. Draw their attention to the questions and the first column marked 'me'. Emphasise they will answer questions about their own habits with friends. Tell them they will write yes or no. Check understanding of instructions. Give handout.

Feedback 1 (1-1 minutes) • To ensure Ss have been able to perform task

Nominate up to five students to answer the Yes/No questions on Handout 1 orally.

Speaking activity 1 (5-6 minutes) • To give students controlled practice in asking and answering yes/no questions about free time.

Assign partners by getting students sitting next to each other to work as a pair. Show handout again. Point to second column. Tell students to ask each other the questions. Elicit a question example. Drill question chorally and individually. Then Ss ask question. Monitor and prompt if needed.

Speaking activity 2 • To give students controlled practice in asking and answering yes/no questions about free time but this time using the 3rd person..

Assign pairs differently. Move one student from one end of horseshoe and reassign pairs, so that each person should have a different partner now. Tell students they are going to ask their partner about what the previous partner said. Give example. e.g. ''Ahmet, you were with Ayse''. ''Yes''. ''OK, now tell Mehmet what Ayse said. Like this: Ayse shares her feelings with friends. She doesn't play football.'' ''Mehmet, write the answer here'' (showing third column).

Feedback 2 (5-7 minutes) • To enable Ss to hear good TL and language that needs reformulating.

Nominate students to give answers. Write on board. Praise good language. Elicit reformulations from Ss.

Speaking activity 3 (5-10 minutes) • To give students freer practice in asking and answering wh- questions about free time.

Show Handout 2 to students. Tell them they are going to ask each other ''what do you do with friends?'' Write question on board. Write stress. Drill chorally and individually Get students to look at list and read it. Get Ss to mingle and ask each other questions.

Speaking activity 4. (5-10 minutes) • To enable students to reflect on the answers gained in the mingle.

Students are seated again. Nominate and ask if the student spoke to a man or woman or both. Ask which man or woman. Ask what the man or woman does with friends. Now ask the group if the response is a typical male friend or female friend.

Optional activity 1 (2-5 minutes) • To give Ss more exposure to lexis.

Backs to board. Two teams - apples and bananas. Nominate a student from apples. He/she sits with back to board. Write up an activity on WB. Apples must act out activity and student with back to board must guess. They have 30 seconds. Then bananas' turn. Keep going as needed.

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