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Oliver TP8 Transport (listening, speaking)
Elementary A2 level


During the course of this lesson, Ss will practice the receptive skill listening in the context of a museum guide taking about past transport modes and the productive skill speaking to talk about how to improve traffic and public transport in Izmir


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Main Aims

  • At the end of the lesson Ss will be able to identify the various modes of transport and their problems introduced by a museum guide

Subsidiary Aims

  • To have Ss talk about how to solve the traffic problem of Izmir.


Lead in - Your daily commute (5 minutes) • Get Ss into the atmosphere of talking about transport and their daily commute

Show the slide about public transport Ask the Ss the following questions: Is it easy to go to different places in Izmir? How do you go to school or work?

Pre-teaching vocabulary (7 minutes) • Pre-teach vocabulary for the listening

Introduce target vocab using pictures and eliciting. Target vocabulary: public transport, monorail, guide, in good condition, sky, noisy, ride, on food, build Show visuals Use CCQ’s to see if Ss have understood the target vocab correctly. Drill pronunciation Write vocab on board, show stress and part of speech.

Gist Listening (6 minutes) • Have Ss listen to a recording and identify the modes of tranport

Set context by showing pictures (A, B, C). Have Ss match pictures with sentences of from part A. Tell Ss that they are going to listen to the audio one time and focus on answering the two questions. Ss read the questions before listening to the audio. Have Ss pair check their answers. W/C F/B

Listening for details (12 minutes) • Have Ss listen to the listening and identify problems with the modes of transport

Show HO1 part 2 and tell them they are going to listen to it one more time and answer this questions: What is the problem with each transport idea? On their own Ss listen and answer questions. Have Ss pair check their answers. Decide if Ss need to listen to it again. Play audio if needed. Project audio transcript and have students identify the problems with the transport ideas

(Optional stage) Transport collocations word web for speaking activity (6 minutes) • Provide Ss with transport collocations to do the following speaking activity

Make new pairs Show HO2 and tell students that they are going to cross out the words that don't go with the verb in the center. Show the one example on board (projected file) Distribute HO2 and ask Ss to work in pairs.

Post-listening speaking (fluency) activity (9 minutes) • Have Ss talk about traffic problems in Izmir and the solutions to these problems

Set scene by giving Ss the following instructions: You are Aziz Kocaoglu. You have money and you have power. You can change the traffic and transport of Izmir In your groups/pairs. What public transport is there in Izmir and what do you change about it? Monitor students and take notes of their mistakes. Give delayed feedback

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