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Teaching Practice 1
Pre- intermediate level


In this lesson, the sts will learn about verb "to be" , WH- Questions, and a speaking activity about family members.


Abc Course Book

Main Aims

  • to introduce &give practice in asking questions with "to be"

Subsidiary Aims

  • to help students practice listening and speaking with a focus on family hobbies


Introduction (1-2 minutes) • Introducing myself and the topic. See students level of understanding.

First, I will introduce myself quickly, so that Ss will know who is their teacher. Then, I will introduce my lesson, and the topics that we will deal for the day.

Grammar Discuss (8-10 minutes) • Practice verb 'to be' & Wh- Questions & Intonation

Students open their book to pg. 7. then read the grammar box quietly. Then ask some simple questions and make students answer. According to the level of Ss, the questions may vary. Write the 'Wh- Questions( who, what, why, when, where, and how)' on the board and ask Ss if they are related to Time, Place, Person or Thing. The next thing to focus is INTONATION. Ss has to learn how to use rising and falling intonation. in order to improve their speaking skills.

MAtching Activity (5-10 minutes) • Ss practice short answers with verb 'to be'

First, Ss do the exercise themselves. Secondly, Ss are divided in pairs and ask the Qs each other.

Rearranging the words (7-10 minutes) • Usage of Wh- words and Verb 'to be'

Give Ss 5' to complete the exercise, Check the answers all together. Then, pair up Ss and make them ask the Qs of Exercise 3 to each other.

Speaking (10-15 minutes) • Improve Speaking skills on family and hobbies

Ss listen to a track about a typical English family. They put the topics in order as they listen. Ask students if they understand the track completely. Pair them up. Make them talk about their families. If there is still time, a pair might come on board and do the conversation on stage.

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