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Listening " Shopping"
lower-level students level


In the lesson the learners will be able to practice listening and learn new vocab at the same time


Abc white board
Abc audio recorded dialogue
Abc a photo of a lady in a store talking to a man
Abc a photo of a lady in a store talking to a man
Abc a photo of a lady in a store talking to a man
Abc a photo of a lady in a store talking to a man

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed listening practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • Learn new vocab


Warmer/Lead-in (3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

The teacher will hang a photo on the board ( a women speaking to a man inside a shop ) and will ask students to assume where are they and what .are they talking about

Pre-listening (10 minutes) • To get sts to guess what the radio topic will be about

• The teacher will elicit the vocab from the students when they describe the photo and imagine the dialogue and write it down on the board and keep on drilling it Vocab( shop- mall- cloths buy) to make sure that they will memorize it when they listen to the recorded dialogue// then the teacher will say that he is going to play a record//After he plays the recording, he asks what they understand by some back up questions if needed

While Listening (10 minutes) • To get sts to listen in details

Now the teacher will tell the students that he is going to play the recording and ask the to listen carefully as she is going to ask them about some info when the recording stopped . she asked three questions and asked students to answer in pairs -where are they -who is he what is she doing there After the students discussed the questions in pairs the teacher will play the specific parts of the recording related with the questions and he will write the answers on the board

While Listening (12 minutes) • to teach the students listening for details

The teacher will ask the students 6 detailed questions. 1- why is the customer buying the hat? 2- how many times did the customer visit that store before? 3- why does she need a new toaster? 4-why is she buying a DVD? 5-which floor are the small kitchen appliances on? 6-why did she decided to go to the 6th floor? and then he well play the record to allow students to listen for details and answer the detailed questions.

Post listening (10 minutes) • To get sts to practice the new vocabulary through speaking

Teacher asks the students a question that is related to recording ( where would you go to buy a toaster and a DVD?) to practice the new vocab

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