Mahtab Mahtab

“What is this?” (My toys)
Elementary,Grade6 level


In this lesson, children will learn to answer to the question "what is this ?” and also learn to ask each other. Students will learn how to attribute their belongings and toys to themselves.


Main Aims

  • The aim of this lesson is for the student to understand the meaning of the question (what's this?)and be able to apply it.
  • To provide clarification of Possessive adjective
  • They should be able to answer to the target question.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To Learn the letters O and P
  • To provide review and practice of Toys and school stuff


introduction (1-15 minutes) • To prepare the kids and warm up

Hello everyone and I will ask them How are you today? I’ll share a screen of their book and ask them questions about the pictures in the book. I’ll ask each student a question (what is this?)

Test1 (15-40 minutes) • To find out how much information students have about today's lesson.

In this lesson, students will learn how to attribute their belongings and toys to themselves. To do this, I’ll ask them a simple question,”what is this?”and I’ll show them a tool they are familiar with. The answer is for example: this is a blue pen. I'll ask from all of them in the same way and then,I add : Is it My blue pen or your blue pen? Is it for you or for me?! Is it My book or your book? Then I’ll ask them to turn on their webcams and show me a toy of their own,and again I’ll ask: what’s this?

Teach (40-50 minutes) • To clarify the issue and resolve ambiguities

I will explain the parts of the lesson that were incomprehensible to the students.

Test2 (50-60 minutes) • To stabilize the issue and Used by students

I’ll ask students to ask each other questions in pairs. They will turn on their webcam and ask each other questions about each other's toys.

Test1 (60-70 minutes) • To examine students' basic information on the subject

I will ask them questions like this: What does the letter o sound like? What does the letter p sound like? Does anyone know what the letter o sounds like? Does anyone know what the letter p sounds like? And I’ll ask them to give examples with the letters o and p.

Teach (70-80 minutes) • To learn the letters o and p and their use and sound

I'll share a photo in which the letters o and p are drawn along with a drawing of their examples. I will explain the sounds and examples clearly and ask them to repeat.

Test2 (80-90 minutes) • Stabilize and practice the target letters

I will ask them to give their examples

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