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Get It Done
Intermediate, B1 level


In this lesson sts learn causative verbs through a listening context of changes in appearance.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of Passive causative verbs in the context of Appearance change, hair style and color change,

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed listening practice using a text about Two friends talk about a TV show about people looking younger in the context of Appearance, Looks Change


Before and After (5-7 minutes) • Setting the context

T shows the four photos that show a man and woman who look younger than what thy looked like ten years ago. T will ask the sts to work in groups and talk about the differences they see.

TV Show (5-10 minutes) • Listening for gist

T introduces the TV show saying the characters they have already talked were invited to this show and they talked about the changes they had had to look younger. Two friends are talking about the show. Sts listen to see if their ideas about the changes they had had was true or not.

TV (5-10 minutes) • Listen for details

Sts listen to the two friends talking about the show and then they try to come up with causative sentences using the cues they have been given. One has been done as an example. They do this in pairs. They compares the answers before they are given the answers.

Markers (5-10 minutes) • Presenting grammar (the causative)

T writes the marker sentences on the board (She had her hair done yesterday.) T asks : did she do it herself? No. / Did she ask anyone to do it for her? Yes. / Who did it for her? Hair stylist. / Did she arrange for her to do it? Yes. T elicits the form :sub+auxiliary+object+past participle T marks the sentence and do drills in different tenses

Odd Out (5-10 minutes) • Controlled Practice on Causative

T gives handout for sts to fill the gaps with the sentences containing causative. T tells them to cross the sentences which seem strange. They do this in pairs and compare their work. T provides the answers.

Say WHat You Want To Be Done (5-10 minutes) • Free Practice

T gives them the handouts. In pairs sts talk about things they would have done if they needed. Individual report to the WC what their partner has told them to to do.

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