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Tp-6 Functional Language
Elementary level


In this lesson students use functional language in the context of shopping and learn the Vocab necessary to make a purchase in a shop.


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Main Aims

  • Functional language presentation: use of shop language.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Recognizing and using lexis related to shopping


Stage 1 (Lead In) (1-3 minutes) • Getting students interested in the topic and slowly starting off.

Show them three items that I supposedly purchased this week. A "magazine", "notebook" and scarf. Ask them what they are. Ask them if they purchased anything this week. Ask them who does the shopping in their household.

stage 2 (vocab) (5-8 minutes) • Presenting the vocab for the lesson.

Before starting the exercise ECDW the words "Envelopes,Tissues,Stamps,Lighter" by asking the questions in your ECDW handout. Have them match the words to the pictures in handout one. Once they are done get them to peer check. Tell them Number 14 is CHOCOLATE. Pass out answer key once done.

Stage 3 (Listening for Gist) (2-4 minutes) • Exposing the SS to the functional language.

Write "what did the man buy?" and "How much did he pay?" on the board.Tell Ss: we will listen to a short recording (5.9). I want you to think about what the person is buying (what did the man buy?) and the total amount of money he spent (How much did he pay?). ICQs: Are you listening? (yes) What 2 things will you answer? (what, and how much) • Ss listen to the recording and discuss the questions in pairs. •FB Whole class.

stage 4 Listening for Detail (5-7 minutes) • controlled pracetice for FL

T tells the SS that they need to get in groups of 3-4 (depending on the number) Tell them they will listen to the recording and put the talking in order. ICQ's (Are you going to be listening to a recording?, Will you put the strips of paper in order?, Will do you it alone or in a group?) Give them the strips of paper, Turn on the recording then WC FB.

stage 5 Controlled Practice (3-5 minutes) • Controlled practice via gap fill and speaking

T gets the SS in groups of two. One person is A the other Is B. So do the whole A-B outloud routine for them and give them the handout 2 according to who A and Who B is. Once that is done each person needs to fill in the gaps. A's get the saying what you want part. B's get the asking about prices part. Have them read it to each other after they are done. This is the part where you being the pronunciation and drilling bit. Start drilling and back-chaining these phrases. Note the rising and falling intonations. Slap them with pronunciation, then call it a day.

Stage 6 Freer Practice (15-20 minutes) • Getting the students to use the FL

Get them in groups. Select one person from each group and make them a shop owner. Give the shop owner a list of items they have and the buyers make a list of things they need to buy. Have them buy it off each other. Have them change rolls so everyone can be a buyer. Give them handout three to ease the process.

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