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Beginner Level level


In this lesson, the sts will be introduced to more vocabulary related to technology (and its use in everyday life). This will expand upon their existing knowledge of everyday objects. The sts will learn more ways to find out information (by asking and answering questions). They will practice conversing using TL.


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Abc Listen and Match HO
Abc Listen and Match HO (Answer Key)
Abc What's Your Email Address? HO
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Main Aims

  • Have the students use the new vocabulary correctly when speaking.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Functional language- understanding present simple of "have" and "has"


Warm-up/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • Elicit technology-based vocabulary (set the context)

On the WB, write the word "Technology". IN GROUPS OF 3-4, have the sts brainstorm what they think this word means (ie: give examples of technology). After a m minute or so, ask them to tell the WC what they came up with. Write their answers on the WB. *check the meaning of any interesting words with the WC.

Vocabulary Matching / Word Stress (6-8 minutes) • Listening, Meaning & Pronunciation

Put images on the WB. (7 total). Ask students what they are. (Check pronunciation). Play Track 74 from audio CD. Have the students put the vocabulary they hear in order- check answers in pairs. Have sts SAY the answers aloud. Explain where the stress is in each word. Gesture and underline where it is. (choral drill). Ask sts to give some of their favorite websites (if there is time left at the end of the lesson)

What's your email address? (14-16 minutes) • Ask and write email addresses

Introduce "computer symbols" ( @ . / com) by writing/drawing on the WB. What do they mean/stand for? Where are they used? Write 3 email addresses and 3 websites on the WB. (ex:,, (ex:,, Play AUDIO TRACK #75. Go over pronunciation, choral drill (not too much) Give sts "What's your email address? HO. Have them STAND UP and walk around asking each other for their emails. Have sts read each others email aloud. Play AUDIO TRACK #76. On WB: "What's your email address? My email address is..."

Speaking (survey) (14-16 minutes) • ask & answer questions using the new vocabulary

On WB write: I/you/we/they HAVE... he/she/it HAS.... Do you have a/an.....? ____ has a computer..." Give sts "Technology Survey" HO. Explain the directions. (demo, model) Have the sts stand up and ask each other if they have....WHAT'S A SURVEY? (explain) Then, have the sts talk about the survey after they sit back down. For example, "Tugba has a mobile phone and a computer." Elicit answers.

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