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TP7 - past simple negative and james bond
A2 level


In this lesson, students will be presented with the simple past negative forms through reading a text about James Bond, which they will have encountered in a reading lesson preceding this lesson. They will first identify the form in the reading, then exploring the meaning and form through a worksheet. Then we will work on pronunciation together, then answer some questions about the text while using the text. The students will also practice writing using the past simple negative.


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Main Aims

  • Grammar - To present and clarify the simple past tense negative and asking simple questions in the past in the context of films

Subsidiary Aims

  • Writing - to practice writing using the simple past tense negative


Lead in (2-3 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic of the text

Students will have already read the text in their previous lesson, so for the lead in, ask the students what they remember from the text. Elicit things to write on the board. Ask: What did you read about with Usama? What kind of things did James Bond do? What did you learn about James Bond?

Reading task (3-5 minutes) • To practice scanning for specific information and contextualize the target language

Project the reading on the board. Tell the students that they need to get this reading out again. Instruct students to UNDERLINE all the NEGATIVE parts of the reading. Let's do one together. DEMO. Underline "He didn't have any brothers or sisters." ICQ: So what are we underlining? "THE NEGATIVE THINGS IN THE TEXT" FB: Go through the text on the board with a marker. Get the students to tell me when to stop. Ask if anyone got anything different. Did we all get this? Ok, cool.

Highlighting target language (3-5 minutes) • To highlight the past simple negative so that learners are focused on it

Move students into groups of 4. Hold up HO1. Tell students I am going to give them a hand out about these sentences. It is folded in half. I want you to work in your group to answer these two questions. FB: WCFB on the board. Make sure to ask the questions about where on the timeline and clarify that it can go ANYWHERE on the timeline.

Clarifying target language (3-5 minutes) • To clarify the meaning and form of past simple negative (statement and questions)

Now, instruct students to look at the bottom half of their worksheet. Tell them to work in their groups to complete the worksheet. FB: Project this worksheet on the board. Get students to come to the board to fill in the blanks on the board. 5 students. Hand out HO2. Tell students to the questions in their group. FB: WCFB

Clarifying target language • To present and clarify the pronunciation of the past simple negative

Within their groups, tell students to find a partner. Assign A B A B.... Instruct students to look again at the first paper I gave them (hold up HO1). Say Partner A takes sentence 1. Partner A will say sentence 1 out loud. When they are doing this, Partner B will MARK the words that are stronger, that have stress. DEMO You are partner A. Say this sentence. I will listen. Then I will mark the strong words. After Partner A finishes, Partner B does the same for Sentence 2. ICQ: So what are we marking? And Partner A - which sentences do you speak? Sentence 1. Which sentence do you mark? Sentence 2. Partner B - Which sentence do you speak? Sentence 2. Which sentence do you mark? Sentence 1. FB: WCFB - elicit the students to tell me where. Ask one group at a time. DRILLING: Go through each sentence and mark the appropriate contractions (Write them HERE by hand) James wasn't a very good student and he didn't study very much. Did James Bond have a dramatic life?

Controlled practice (4-5 minutes) • To have students practice the past simple negative form in the context of films

Hold up HO3. Tell students that this is a paper with some sentences. It's folded in half -- do not unfold :) I want you to tick (TICK) the sentences that are true for you. Distribute paper. Give time to read. Monitor for people who do not understand the vocab in the sentences. Once everyone has ticked, get content FB - who had a big breakfast today? Who arrived late for class today? say, "OK, now the sentences that ARE NOT true for you, I want you to make them negative. FB: Compare your answers with a partner. How many are the same? Check your sentences with the answer key on the bottom half of the paper.

Language practice (5-6 minutes) • To provide controlled written practice focused on using the past simple negative correctly

Tell students to get out of their groups and move back to normal seats. Hold up HO4 and instruct students that you will give them a handout with questions, but the words of the questions are not in order. They need to put the words in order so that we have good sentences. They will work alone. ICQ: What are we making? QUESTIONS Are we working alone, or in partners? ALONE FB: Pair Check and then project answers on the board. Does yours look like this? Anyone have something else?

Language practice (10-12 minutes) • To provide freer written practice and use the language productively

Tell students that now they will write a paragraph using their answers to these questions. They will write ONE PARAGRAPH. They will use the target language (tap on the board). "didn't," "weren't." USE THE PAST NEGATIVE. They have 5 minutes. If they have a negative answer, for example if they DIDN"T like movies, they need to write what they DID like. So, for example: I didn't like movies when I was a child, I liked to play outside. OK? SO BEFORE WE START, REAL QUICK: ICQ: What are we answering? THESE QUESTIONS What are we using? PAST NEGATIVE How much are were writing? ONE PARAGRAPH How many minutes? 5 minutes. WRITE TL ON BOARD in FORM FORM Monitor and look for common errors. After 5 minutes, give students 1 minute to wrap up. Then, instruct them to pass their writing to the person on their right. Take the one from the top of the class and give it to the other side of the class. Instruct students to check for any mistakes using the PAST TENSE SIMPLE NEGATIVE - POINT TO BOARD. They have 3 minutes. Now ask everyone to give the papers back. Get some content feedback -- how did you do? What did you write about? Anyone want to share? Write some example sentences on the board that have errors that you heard while people were writing. Get the students to read the correct sentences after you DRILL. Tell students good job!

Additional writing exercise (7-10 minutes) • to provide additional freer practice of the past simple negative

Write your own short movie. And it's an action movie, so there will be lots of negative things, right? Project a bunch of symbols on the board. Ask the students to incorporate these into their stories. So like, the hero came to the city. The city didn't have any police! So she had to become a superhero. She took away all the bad guys. By the time she was finished, the city didn't have any criminals. Something like that...

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