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TP 5
Elementary level


In this lesson students will learn the past form of "verb to be" through a reading text about birthday parties. There will be a short lead-in about birthday parties. Students then will scan the text for some specific information. After this reading activities students will learn " was, were" and practice it with some controlled and semi-controlled activities. At the end of the lesson sts will play a game as the production phase and they will use was,were in this game


Abc Questionnaire (was,were)
Abc Text 1 about birthday parties
Abc text 2 (choose the correct word)
Abc ex. 4 (fill in the gaps with was,were)
Abc Papers with things to scan in the text
Abc Listening questions

Main Aims

  • For students to notice and use "was,were" through a text about birthday parties

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and scan


Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To warm sts up for the reading text

. Prepare some pictures related to birthday parties. Put them on WB. Elicit the word birthday and party. . Ask sts to work in pairs and discuss birthday parties. What kind of drinks and food are available in birthday parties. They can also talk about their birthday parties. . Ask students to share their ideas.

READING FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION (ex. 3a) (4-6 minutes) • for students to read the text for specific information

. Prepare some papers with the words from exercise 3 b on them. Put them on the WB. . Give sts the reading text and ask them to underline these things in the text. . Get FB from sts and clarify any questions by asking other sts.

GRAMMAR: CONTROLLED WRITING EXERCISE (5-7 minutes) • For students to notice "was,were"

. Write these sentences on WB: When I was a baby I was …… When I was young my sister\brother was ….. At school I was …. My teachers were …… When I started ITI …… . then write the endings of the sentences : When I was a baby I was very noisy When I was young my sister was very annoying At school I was in football team My teachers were very nice When I started ITI I knew English. . erase the endings and tell sts to work in pairs and write the endings for themselves.

CONTROLLED WRITING PRACTICE 2 (4-6 minutes) • for students to notice the singular and plural forms of "was,were"

. Tell sts to look at the text again and find all the examples of “was, wasn’t, were, weren’t” . give sts HO(pg. 46, 4a) and ask them to fill in the blanks. Do the first exercise on WB as an example. . Make sure that sts understand the differences between negative and positive forms. . Drill the weak form of was,were

SEMI-CONTROLLED WRITING ACTIVITY (ex.5) (4-6 minutes) • for students to practice was and were

. Give sts the second reading text ( pg 47, ex. 5) . They read the text and choose the correct words. . Do the first one as an example. . Get WC FB.

Listening for specific information (5-7 minutes) • For students to improve their receptive skills (listening for specific information) and notice the Wh questions with was,were

. sts listen to the recording and decide whether Margaret's birthday was good or bad. . Give the questions to the students and ask them to look at the questions. . They listen to it again and answer.the questions in pairs. . Get FB from students and make sure that the strusture is established.

Production: QUESTIONNAIRE (7-10 minutes) • for students to use "was,were" through a speaking game

. Prepare a questionnaire for sts to ask each other and find out personal information. .Sts mingle and ask each other the questions. . Before starting, call a student to the board and do first two questions together as an example. . At the end ask sts to share what they’ve learnt.

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