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misunderstanding instructions
Intermediate B1 level


In this lesson students will practice listening in a context of misunderstanding instruction and how to instruct a process.


Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed listening practice using a text about Misunderstanding instructions in the context of A Phone call from client to an internest services company.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of Instruction in the context of techncian instruction to a client


warmer • To build rapport with the students and get them ready to the next phase.

Greet your Ss and have a warm discussion with them about the rain storm which struck the city two days ago. Ask the if any one got stuck in the storm.

pre- reading (match vocabulary) (4-6 minutes) • provide new vocabulary that can be used in the context.

1- Ask students if they live in a high floor and if the need to use an elevator. 2- elicit the word instruction by asking them about the instructions of using the elevator. 3- Elicit the word misunderstand. 4- Hand out the new words and their definitions and individually let the students match them. 5- let them check with their partners. Then write the answers on the WB.

Set the context • To get the Ss engagged and to prepare them to the listening phase.

1- Hand out two small reading paragraphs and ask the student to figure out any relation ship between them. 2- Ask the students what did those people do wrong? let them check with their partner. 3- Elicit the word misunderstand. 4- Ask the students if they ever had a problem with instructions.

while listening 1 • To let the students practice listening for gist.

1- Tell the they are going to listen to a conversation in ex 3a. and that they need to find out : a) what's the problem? b) Do they managed to solve it? 2- let them check with their partner. 3- give fast whole class FB. .

While listening 2 • Let the Ss practice listening for details. (comprehension)

1- ask the students to listen again and re order the sentences in ex 3b chronologically. 2- Let them listen again and check individually then with a partner. 3- Hand out answer key.

After listening - Gap fill • students are going to practice a set of vocabulary they are going to use in the nest stage.

1- Set ex 4a . 2- Students work individually and fill in the gaps with the words given the the box. 3- let them check answers with their partner. 4- let them listen a gain and check. 4- Give whole class FB. 5- Set Ex 4c Ask students to find 3 pairs of verbs that are opposites and 2 pairs that have the same meaning.

Follow up activity. • To let students practice what they have learned in freer environment

1- Give Ss enough time to remember a problem that he faced with any device. let students speak to each other . 2- Ask students to mingle and find a partner who face the same problem or something close.

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