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Present simple
Elementary level


In this lesson students learn everything about present simple.We are going to talk about what they like and what they don't like ! For example food/job/travel...


Abc Worksheets
Abc Pictures

Main Aims

  • Grammar

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking for accuracy


Warmer/Lead_in (5-7 minutes) • To engage the students

After greeting the teacher shows them some pictures about korean food such as sushi , kimchi and noodles.Then ask them "Do they like korean food or do they eat korean food?" After that the teacher asks them "Do you like Italian pizza?"

While listening/Presentation (5-10 minutes) • To make students more familiar with the main topic and explain it with different examples

Ask another question "Do you like travel alone?" Students should discuss about it then I write their answers on the board.Now the teacher explains some grammatical points clearly and write some other examples on the board.

Practice (4-6 minutes) • To review what they learn and work on it more

After practice the teacher gives them some worksheets. They should answer two by two in a certain time . Then we check answers together .

Free practice/feedback (5-10 minutes) • Talk about a free topic and make sure ss can use present simple well

"Do you like shopping when you are depressed or boring?" The last question that we should talk about .And finally i give them one more worksheet (i give them 2 min to take a look) then we answer together.

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