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A1 Beginner level


This lesson will help assist the students in developing enough vocabulary and enhance their know how of how to pronounce and spell the numbers, which are required in the functional language for asking about age.


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Main Aims

  • Functional language for asking/answering about ages 21-101

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening, speaking


Warmer game (7-10 minutes) • Get the class to interact while they get to know the context

-Give a warm greeting to the class, ask how their weekend was. -Briefly explain what the lesson will be about. -Write & pronounce all the numbers from 21 - 101 once and ask the Ss to repeat after me, as much as possible. -I will then put the pictures of a few celebrities on the W/B. Pair up the Ss and assign one celebrity to each pair (if needed pairs of three). They will need to guess the name and age of the celebrity. Once done, they will need to write the information in front of the picture, on the W/B.

Vocabulary (7-10 minutes) • To capitalise on the vocabulary learnt during the warmer

-Play the audio file ex 1, 1.59. -Ask the Ss to repeat the numbers together. -Play the audio file ex 1, 1.60,once. -Distribute the HOs, solve one as a demo and ask the Ss to solve it individually. -Then pair them up and ask them to check their answers with each other. -Play the audio file again, so that they can check their answers.

Functional Language (3-5 minutes) • To expose Ss to a little bit of FL

-Play the audio file FL ex 1, 1.63 and ask the Ss to repeat after it. play it again & Ss to repeat again. -Will chest the HO 2 and ask Ss to answer the question. -Identify maybe two or three students and ask them ' how old are you?' individually.

Listening (10-14 minutes) • Synchronizing the visuals with their listening capacity

-Chest the pictures to the Ss, and then put them up on the W/B. -Ask them who are they? what is this? etc. -Play the audio file, listening ex 1, 1.62 and ask them to match the conversations with the pictures. -Ask them to check answers in pairs. -Once they've checked, check answers of two to three pairs to verify if they have gotten it correctly.

Speaking, age questionnaire (5-8 minutes) • FL,questioning and interacting with each other

-Write the useful language required for the Questionnaire on the W/B. -Distribute the questionnaire to the Ss. -Ask them to fill in the maximum information about themselves in 2 minutes. -Ask everyone to stand up and talk to each other. -Every S should talk to atleast 3 different Ss and ask them to fill in their information on his/her questionnaire. - Time the GW to a maximum of 5 minutes.

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