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Teacher practice 4
Elementary level


In this lesson the students will learn 'Object pronouns'. The lesson will start with warmer questions like ' Can you tell me which animal do you like?' or 'Can you tell her which animal do you hate?'. Later, in pre-teaching, they will be introduced the object pronouns on the text. Then, in teaching,the students will learn the object pronouns and practice them on handouts. After that in speaking activity, there will be the names of the animals and the structures of like- hate.They will be mingled and try to find who likes these animals or who hates these animals.Finally, if time, object pronouns will be written on cards and the students will work in groups. Each member og the group will take a card and go back to their group, use it in a sentence with the members of the group and will tell the sentence to other groups.


Abc Reading text
Abc Handouts
Abc chart

Main Aims

  • to introduce ' object pronouns'

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practice object pronouns with speaking activities


Warmer (1-3 minutes) • To warm up the students to the lesson and make them aware of the topic.

Some questions will be asked related to the previous lesson and engaged them to the new topic.

pre-teaching (1-12 minutes) • to make the students be ready for the new topic

HO1 will be given to the students and on this HO1, there will be underlined object pronouns. Object pronouns in sentence will be written on WB. And emphahised them with intonation.The reason is that to make students be aware of object pronouns

Teaching (1-18 minutes) • to set the topic

A chart will be drawn on WB including subject and obfect pronouns. There will be missings on the charts and will be asked them to complete at their text. Then HO2, HO3 HO4 will be given and let them to check in pair. And give WCFD

Speaking (1-12 minutes) • to practice TL

the students will be given a chart and they will be mingled. The chart involves the animals and students will try to find who likes these animal or who hates them.And they will share them.

ıf time (1-10 minutes)

I will prepare object pronouns cards and put them in a box. the students will put in groups and each member of the group, come and take a card from the box. He or she will return to the group and form a sentence with object pronoun on the card.

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