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Pre- intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn how to make recommendations through guided discovery based on a reading text which is a travel guide for Amsterdam on a website. The lesson starts with showing a travel guide for Istanbul, then relate the topic to Amsterdam. Students match information with pictures for the travel guide. Finally, some controlled practice is provided through sentence formation and a semi controlled practice through a game which is "agree/ don't agree flags". Class Profile: This is a class of pre-intermediate students of different ages between 19 to 70. There are 8-10 students, 4 males and 6 females. There is a man on a wheelchair among them, and an elderly woman to take into consideration. The classroom is relatively small and not fully equipped. So we may encounter some problems in class arrangement. However, students are mostly motivated and willing to collaborate.


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Main Aims

  • Students notice and practice the real conditionals through making recommendations.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students are going to read for gist and details to extract some language forms.


Warmer (4-5 minutes) • Get students familiarized with the reading topic

I will show sts a travel guide for Istanbul so they can understand the meaning of a travel guide. I write down the following on the board: sightseeing, shopping, food, countryside, sports, and art. I tell them they have to write three places to go for every one. They start from the first one, one student writes three places, when he/she finishes, he/she gives it to their partner. the other student writes examples for the second one and so on. they have a time limit of only 1 minute for this activity. Then general feedback is provided.

Lead in/ Pre-reading task (4-5 minutes) • students predict the content of the reading through pictures and a matching activity.

I relate the former warmer to a new place instead of Istanbul which is Amsterdam. I ask them what information and places to go there. Then i give them pictures related to the text with some information regarding each photo. the have to match the photo with the information related. They do this either in pairs or in groups of three. It depends on how many students show up!!

Reading for gist (4-5 minutes) • students read for gist to check their answers

Students are given the textbook handout to check their answers. At this stage some words might be new, so to make sure they know them i ask them questions about them and show pictures if possible. Those words might be: queue, paintings, or Nazi.

Post reading task (2-3 minutes) • students show their understanding to the reading text

For this stage, I divide the the class into three groups (or three pairs) and assign each one of them a place to tell the class about... However, this stage is not definite.. I may replace it by a whole class feedback if they take a lot of time in finishing the prior tasks.

Grammar (Present the language point) (4-5 minutes) • Get students to notice the use of making recommendations

I present a dialogue between a travel agent and a tourist who wants to go to Amsterdam. I show them the following lines which are said by the travel agent and ask them to complete them: If you're interested in art, you should go to... If you love gardens, you'll love to go to... If you like history, you might like to visit... They have to provide the place only. Then I elicit the meaning of them. CCQs: Does he have to go there? (No) Does he have options? or are there other places to visit? (Yes) Then, I elicit the form and write it down on the board and tell them that those are recommendations.

Practice grammar through controlled prctice (2-3 minutes) • students practice the form of making recommendations through controlled practice

Students do exercise number 3, on their textbook handout. They do this one in groups of three (or in pairs). whole class feedback is provided later on.

Semi controlled practice (6-8 minutes) • Students get more practice for making recommendations

For this stage, students complete ex. 4 on their handout. They finish this in pairs. Then I give them the "agree, don't agree" flags and I tell them they have to hold the flags to say their opinion regarding the answers.

Freer practice (role play) (8-10 minutes) • students practice more assimilating a real life situation

i show them a demo for the role play which is going to take place in a travel agency. One student is a travel agent and the other one is a tourist who wants to visit Istanbul.

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