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Teaching Practice TP 2b
Elementary (A2) level


In this lesson students will learn about present Simple tense. The idea is to lead the students inductively to explore the tense from the context. So, it is important to select the material carefully. Ss will learn the structure from the context and drill to reinforce it. T has prepared the follow up activities to drill maximum the given structure. The procedure will follow the course, Introduction, presenting form, comprehension, making negative, questions,and wh-questions. The lesson has some sub-aims like listening, reading and writing. However, the main focus will be on grammar teaching


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Main Aims

  • In this lesson, students will practice Present Simple tense including it negative and question forms.

Subsidiary Aims

  • It includes integration of different skills like reading, writing, speaking, and listening etc.


Warm-up/Introduction (5-0 minutes) • To set the context of grammatical structure, "Present Simple Tense"

First, T will post a picture of person working in a bank and ask Ss to guess: "Where does Tom work? / what time does he start work? / does he live nearby his work place?" etc to set the context. The context is in the present tense. T will frequently repeat such questions, "what does he do? where does he work? Do you think he is happy with the job?" present present tense inductively. The picture displayed will arise the interest of the students.

Presentation (12 minutes) • To introduce the TL in the context and lead to students to the discovery of the structure

T will elicit present a paragraph based on present simple. Students will read in pairs and try to guess the meanings of underlined verbs. Ss wil write answers to the questions given at the end. T will repeat the verb forms and present tense again again to focus at the main aim. Next, T will present the form: Subject + verb ( s, es) + object T will use the same verbs given in the text to extract maximum sentences from the students.

Introduction / Practice (15 minutes) • To introduce negative \ question forms of the tense and give maximum practice to the students. It includes a number of activities to achieve the end.

T will give some sentences to make clear that with a third person singular 's or es' is added to the verb. T will present an activity named "Panda" and direct the attention of the students on verb forms whether they have 's, es' or without. Then Ss will do an exercise required to choose "s, es" or not. Students will work with their partner to do this. Then T will give them another activity to practice negative and question in present simple. they will work in pairs in this case. Just to check their understanding, Ss will be asked to write six sentences in present simple. T will move around and help them do this.

production / listening (12 minutes) • To practice wh-questions in present simple and listening

At this stage Ss are quite familiar with the tense. They will be introduced how to make wh-questions with present simple. This will be done inductively by presenting a paragraph and with wh-questions given at the end. Then students will work as a pair and say and ask wh-questions and answer them. This will give them practice of questions and use of present simple. They will listen a script and complete a listening task based on the same structure.

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