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Copy of Teaching Practice 4
Pre-Intermediate level


Quantifiers in the context of shopping. The class will start with students discussing their own mall preferences to activate schemata and keep them interested in the class. Next students will be handed out a percentage line to gill in the gaps with some quantifiers, this stage is for teacher to test students comprehension of the amount these quantifiers suggest. With another controlled activity teacher will check if the students are comfortable with the meaning and the form of the TL. Then teacher will put model sentences on the board to clarify the form. There will be a brief controlled vocabulary activity where the students have to match the meanings with the correct word. This is only for students to be familiar some words to do the main Speaking activity. There will be a gist reading of a short text to understand what they are suppose to do for the speaking activity. The speaking activity will be for accuracy and fluency. They will use the TL in their speaking.


Abc Speaking Activity A,B and C
Abc Mall Proposal
Abc Speaking text
Abc Match the definitions
Abc Gap-Fill Handout
Abc Percentage
Abc Model Sentences
Abc Malls Pictures

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of quantifiers in the context of shopping

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a quantifiers in the context of shopping


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To set lesson context of Shopping to get Ss interested

To continue the context of shopping there will be pictures of malls on the walls and questions on the white board. T: We have some pictures around the class. I want you to get up and walk around the class to look at the pictures. In front of the pictures ask the questions on the board to your friends and take notes. ICQ: Are we sitting or walking? (walking) Are we writing anything? (yes) What do you ask to each other? (questions on the board) They will talk for 2 minutes. After the practice they will compare their notes in pairs. T: Who wants to share their notes? Whole Class Feedback

Focus on MFP (7-10 minutes) • To set the TL MFP

T: On the board and on your papers you see some sentences from the listening activity you did with Jonathan. Underline the words we just used. What are these words? They have a special name. Teacher will try to elicit, if no one knows writes Quantifiers on the board. Teacher will try to use as little TTT as she can. T: most + of + Then what do we have (elicit) Teacher will fallow this step for all model sentences to set the form of the TL. After the form is set teacher will drill students on pronunciation.

Focus on TL (2-3 minutes) • to test Students' knowlegde of the vocabulary from the TL

T Chesting: In this handout you see a line of percentage and some words. Individually fill in the gaps with the appropriate word. ICQ: Are we working alone? (yes) Are we writing anything? (yes) Students work individual for half a minute. T: Now check your answers in pairs. Whole class feedback.

Focus on the TL (3-5 minutes) • to test Student's ability to use the TL

T will hand out a controlled practice to determine if the students are comfortable with the TL. This practice is based on both meaning and form. T: There are some sentences with gaps here on this paper. I want you to fill in the gaps based on your own town. For most of you that will be Istanbul. You are going to use the words some, many, most, all, none, or no and have to decide whether to use of or not. ICQ: What are you doing? (filling the gaps) Are you doing this alone? (yes) What words are you using? (some, many, most, all, none, or no) Are you using of? (don't know, you're gonna decide) Students will work on this for 2 minutes. T: Check your answers with our partners. Whole class feedback.

Reading (7-8 minutes) • to gist read the text to start the productive activity using the TL in semi controlled activity

T: You are going to be groups of three. So A, B, C The groups divide and sit together. A's together, B's together and C's together. T: Here is a little text and your groups point of view. I want you to read it individually to come up with things that is important for you. 1 minute should be fine. Here also a vocabulary definitions you might need. ICQ: Are you reading with your group? (no) Are you reading slowly? (no) Are you reading fast to understand the text? (yes) Are you writing anything? (no) Students read T: Now in groups I want you to discuss the important parts. Are you working by yourself or with your group? (group) Are you talking or writing? (talking) T: On this page there are elements I want you to focus to make a proposal for the mall. Fill in the outline based on your character. Try to use as much as quantifiers as you can. For example: There should be some shops for men. ICQ: Are you writing anything? (yes) Is it your point of you? (A,B or C)

Speaking (10-13 minutes) • To provide students with a semi-controlled speaking activity using the target language.

T: Now we change groups. Each group should have A, B and C. In your groups I want you to prepare a new proposal covering these elements on the paper based on everyone's opinion. ICQ: Do we work alone? (no in groups) Are we speaking of not? (speaking) Are we writing? (yes) Are we using quantifiers? (yes) Students will have 5 to 7 minutes. T will pair up the groups for peer checking. Students will have 3 to 5 minutes. Whole Class feedback Each group will present their proposal.

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