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Weekends' routines,.
Beginners , level


In this session the Ss will focus on weekends' routines through listening . They have a quick prediction about the people who are talking in this audio track ,by their pic and before playing the audio.I'll provide pre-reading ,to clarify some words meaning , reading for gist through the audio and two general Qs , reading for details will be done by another exercise and productive skill through a free speaking about their real life with the classmates.


Abc Materials

Main Aims

  • To provide the listening skill in context of real life.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking fluency in a free discussion about their weekends' routine .


prediction Task (3-5 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic,

To encourage Ss to predict of a picture of Amy and Burce, her friend.I' m going to hold up the pic and ask the Ss to say sth about it.The Ss will be ready for the gist. Eg. What do you think about this pic? what are they doing? are they happy? What day is this pic,you think? who are they? Are they friends or sister and brother?

Pre-Teach / vocabulary (3-5 minutes)

There are few new words in this text;but I'm going to mark these words on the board and introduce them through examples which are taken out the script. Eg :1. Susan watches a DVD every sunday. : 2 . Nikol watches a DVD every sunday. Ask the Ss :Does Susan watch a DVD every sunday? Does Nikol watch a ...? So Susan and Nikul 's activities are the same / /. and We can show' equal ' sign by fingers. Next lexical word is 'phone'.Or I'll write down this sentence on the board : My sister often phones me on sundays. under line "phone" and ask them what does it mean ? Or put my hand on the word and ask Ss to read the sentence without "phone". does the sentence have any meanings now? do you see any subject here ? do you have a verb? so what' s the verb ? so "phone" is a verb here. My phone is smart. here it's a noun. / /. "half an hour" is another problem of Ss .Ask do you know what's the meaning of "hour"? if no, I can write a time on the WB . Eg. 6:10 and draw an arrow to '6' and write' hour' .and then point to 'half' and write 1/2 under this word,draw a curve line from from 1/2 to houre for eliciting the meaning. '

While reading (4-5 minutes) • listening for gist

To encourage the Ss to listen for the gist, I 've prepared two general Qs about the text.Before playing the audio give them the Qs to take a look. I say ,listen carefully and then answer the Qs in pair. for three minutes. ICQ:Do you speak together? Do you work alone or in paire?Do you answer the Qs before the audio ? Then play the audio,after 3 mints.They should compare their answers in group.,ask the volunteer to answer the Qs.

Reading for details (5-7 minutes)

In this stage ,Ss practice the listening for detailed comprehension.I'll give the Ss another exercise that is taken out the text.ASk them to take a look at the sentences.then listen again to the audio and under line the correct answer alone for 2 mins .then they work in pairs and compare your answers.then do the ICQs and play the audio. ICQ: Do you answer the Qs before listening ? Do you work in pairs or alone?How many minutes ? at the end ,Play the audio again to ckeck their correct answers.

Post Listening / Speaking task (8-10 minutes)

I'll allow them an opportunity to personalise the topic. Give them a free discussion about their weekends' routine. please work with your partners and talk about your weekends. what do you do the weekends? after 5mins ,ask them to stand up and speak about the topic with their classmates.They can take notes and after 3 mins ,They shold speak about one of their classmates ' routine. ICQ: do you work alone ? Do you speak about your jobs ? How many mins?

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