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Teaching Practice 4
pre-intermediate level


İn this lesson,students will be presented with ''models of obligation ''.Students will follow this up with practicing activities and speaking fluency activities.


Abc HO

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss to use 'modals of obligation'

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking related to 'Work and Leisure' and 'modals of obligation'


Warmer Up-Lead in (5-8 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage Ss

T.writes '' must ,have to,mustnt,dont have to,can can't'' ,givet examples for each model verb. For ex : Must - The doctor says, you must take your medicine regulary. Have to : you have to pay your taxes.All the men have to do military service in Turkey. Mustnt: Police says,you mustnt drive over 70 km/ph Don't Have To : İ'm not working tomorrow,so İ don't have to get up early. Can :Mother says, you don't have an exam this week, so you can play the computer games Can't :The public transportation doesn't work, so you can't go to work tomarrow. Is it possible? T. makes the students in 3 groups and tries to elicit the meanings of these sentences,for checking their backround about the subject.

Grammar Activities (5-15 minutes) • To prepare students to use modals

T. explains the meaning of 'must' -Strong advice-obligation-, shows the example and asks 'What happens if I don't take medicine?' -Nothing happens, it's only related to my health. 'have to' -external obligation- 'What happens if I don't pay taxes?' - I may be imprisoned. 'What happens if you don't do military service? -You get punished.- 'Must'nt' -Is İt a rule?- -yes- -You aren't allowed to drive over 70 km/ph. Is it forbidden? -Yes- 'Don't have to' (it's not a rule) -It's unnecessary for you to stay here. Is it a rule? -No. 'Can't' Is it possible for him to go to work? -No.

Grammar Activities 2 (3-6 minutes) • To make practice with the models of obligation

(Grammar Exercise 1) T. gives HO's and makes students work in pairs and read six sentences of the exercise. T. checks students by using CCQ's. -Fill-gap Activity (Grammar Exercise 1) T. makes Ss work in pairs. Ss will read three short texts and fill the gaps with 'models of obligation'

Speaking (7-15 minutes) • To provide Ss fluency speaking by using modal verbs

T. makes Ss work in groups and speak in semi-controlled way and freer. (Grammar Exercise 1-3) Ss will listen pronunciation of 'models'

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