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Writing a mini saga
Intermediate level


In my lesson, Ss will continue from the previous slot,which will provide them to write. Ss will practice writing skills. First, they'll be introduced to the word of saga and mini-saga. I'll ask the Ss to brainstorm ideas. Then Ss in groups will write their own saga.


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Main Aims

  • To practice writing skills involved in a context which is writing a mini saga about legendary places.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review vocabulary and spelling in the context of writing a mini saga and reading


Lead in (5-8 minutes) • To get the Ss prepared for the writing lesson

I'll draw four lines on Wb and play hangman to get the word of "saga" from the class. I 'll give Ss the meaning. ''A saga is a story about people over a long period of time'' I 'll tell them that they will write a mini saga in this lesson. I'll give them a handout containing a mini saga with some missing words. They'll fill in the blanks. Ss will read about mini saga so than I'll ask them questions to let them guess the specific rules for a mini saga. They have to use 50 words in their writing.

Brainstorm (8-10 minutes) • Ss will do brainstorming in groups for preparation for the writing

Ss will work in groups to help them focus on writing and get prepared, Ss will do brainstorming. Before giving the instruction I will categorize on a table and write some example ideas of from the text given, this is to demonstrate what they're going to do. They'll work in groups of three for further ideas. After that as a whole class, they will fill out the table on the WB.

First draft writing (10-12 minutes) • To start the writing of mini saga by using the ideas given

Ss will work individually. Ss will start writing their first draft of a mini saga about a legendary place. I'll tell them to use the ideas that they have discussed before. I'll remind them that they can use the language form of the past as in the text. I will give a plenty of time for them to have enough time of writing the first draft. During their writing, I'll monitor them and take some notes of errors for error correction.

Check the errors (4-5 minutes) • To check the errors of their first draft by peer check

Ss will swap their writings and check each others writing for accuracy, they will especially focus on language form and spelling. They will check the number of the words too. After that they will give the writings back, so that each student will see their mistakes. Checking each others' errors will give them an opportunity for FB.

Final draft (8-10 minutes) • To finish writing and choose the best of the groups

The students will return their corrected writings back. I'll give them a clean paper to write their final draft with the corrections from the FB. When they finish writing, I'll tell them to stick their mini sagas around the classroom. After that, Whole class will stand up and go around the class to read the mini sagas. At last, Ss will have a class vote for the best.

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