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In this lesson students will be reading about various festivals around the world. After reading they will be speaking about the topic and finally get a chance to design their own festival at the end of the lesson.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about festivals

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice regarding to festivals


Stage 1 (Lead In) (2-4 minutes) • Getting students interested in the topic and slowly starting off.

T uses the OHP to put up pictures of festivals around the world via the PowerPoint created for this stage. T asks, (What festival is this? (for each festival)) (Have you been to any of these festivals?) (Can you tell me ONE festival that is not listed here that you went to and liked?)

Stage 2 (Reading for Gist) (5-7 minutes) • Quickly reading to understand the main idea of the text.

T says, (Now we will be reading a small text about festivals around the world. These are three festivals that take happen every year, I want you to skim the text, (SHOW THE TEXT PART ON THE HANDOUT) and match the pictures with each paragraph.You have two minutes to read and match the pictures.) ***ICQs, (Will you be skimming or reading?(skimming ) Will you be matching the photos with each paragraph? (YES) PRASE(VERY NICE or GOOD JOB)*** T gives the SS 1 minutes to read and 1 minutes to answer the question. A maximum of 3 minutes will be given. Once the T notices SS are DONE the T says, (Now I want you to check with your partner for the answers) After they do that for a few moments the T says (I need three volunteers to write the answers next to the letters on the images on the whiteboard, *Each student is praised for writing answers*) (Teacher may grade language while saying this last statement.) Once the answers are written on the WB WC will be asked if the answer are good? (<---severely graded language) and the T will ask (Did you like the festivals?) Most will say yes some will say no T doesn't/will not go further in questioning.

Stage 3 (Reading for Specific) (10-15 minutes) • Slowly reading for the required specific information.

**T gets students in pairs T may move the students to where ever T pleases** T says, (Now we have read about the festivals, I want you to read again carefully and answer the questions on section B (POINT TO B SECTION ON THE WORKSHEET) of the worksheet) There is section B,C,D and you will answer SECTION B (You will do this with the friend next to you, WORK TOGETHER) This section may take longer or shorter depending on the reading capability of the class. ***ICQs (Which section are we answering?) (SECTION B) Are we working alone? (NO)*** While the students are doing the task, the T writes Tomatina| Carnevale d'Ivrea| Songkran| Divided up in this fashion on the board. Under the headings on the left side (see LA sheet for detail) the teacher will write (Where is it?) (When is it?) (What do people throw?) The FB session will be done in pairs. Each festival gets its own different color of paper. Students are called up on the board and answers are stuck on the board. Instructions for FB stage: T says ( Now i need some volunteers to put the answers on the board, I will give you a sheet of paper (Show them the sheet of paper) and you will write the answer on it and stick it on the board(While saying all of this show hand gestures and a physical example.) Don't forget have some sticky tack with you for the students. Once the answers are the on board, check for mistakes if there are none ask the students if they fill the answers are satisfactory (<----Say if the answers are good while showing a thumbs up to check if they are happy with what is on the board) Once everything is done the T says, (Alright, You guys did a fantastic job on the graph on the board) Show them a thumbs up)

stage 4 (Activity based speaking) (10-15 minutes) • SS speak about the answer the questions listed to each other.

***T gets students in groups depending on the number of students, Name the groups as follows (Red, Blue White, Black, Etc..) *** T says, (Is throwing food like oranges or tomatoes for a festival bad?) once the t gets answers T says: (Okay Now I'd like you to look at section C of the handout there is two questions there that i want you to talk about in a group. Each person needs tell another person Which festival they would go to and if they would go alone or not. They can then give more specifics about what they will do at the festival they plan to attend.Specific info such as<-------"Like why you want to go to the festival and any other details they can think of") **ICQs (Which section are we working on?) Section C. (Will we be working in groups?) Yes ** (T WILL CONNECT DEVICE TO SOUND SYSTEM AND BEGIN PLAYING MUSIC WHILE THEY SPEAK)They will give given 5 minutes for the speaking that they will do and the rest of the time is allotted for FB. Instructions for FB: T asks,( Who would go the Tomatina festival raise your hands) Once the students raise there hands ask why and if they would go alone. Pick two for each festival. ***(DELAYED ERROR CORRECTION)*** Continue asking the same type of question for the rest of the festivals.

Stage 5 (Task based Speaking activity) (10-15 minutes) • Ss will design a festival and talk while doing it. This will done if there is time.

T begins this stage by voicing opinion on which festival they would attend or not attend and why? Would the T go alone or Not? T says " Now I want everyone to take a look at section D (POINT AT SECTION D ON THE HO) and I want you to work in a group to design a festival. Give it a name topic etc look at the questions in section D and decide on an answer together for each question.) **ICQs (Which section will you be working on?) Section D (Will you be designing a festival?) Yes (Will you be working in alone?) No (Give them a thumbs up after ICQs) ***SS will be given 5 minutes to talk about the topic.*** While SS are talking T draws a similar graph to the one done on stage 3. Write names of each group on the board in different color pens. Try to use a different color for each, if you have limited colors of pens, put a symbol next to each colors have name. Have them put that symbol next to each answer. For SS answers (Check La Sheet for more detail) Instructions for FB: T says( I will now call each group and I want them to present their festival to the class.) Each group will present their idea (DELAYED ERROR CORRECTION) and fill the the graph with their designated color pen or symbol with the specified information. Closing FB: T asks pointing at the student developed festivals on the board ( Which festival would you go to?)

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