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Pre-Intermediate level


Abc Lonely Planet Book

Main Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of iteneraries and plans in the context of travel.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide scan reading practice using a text about itineraries in the context of travel.


Introduction/Warmer (5-6 minutes) • Introduce the topic and elicit information about travel guides

Hold up travel book and ask if the class knows what it is. Have the students "Discuss with a partner what might be in a travel guide." After a couple minutes, write "Travel Guide" on the board and get students to name things that might be in one (ex. itineraries, history, hotels, prices.) Write their ideas on board

Scanning Game (5-7 minutes) • To practice scanning and show the students an example of when its needed.

Divide the class into groups of three. Tell them "This is an itinerary I used when I got here. It was helpful but I needed information quickly. Do you always have time to read a schedule completely? (No.) I'm going to hand out a sheet of paper (1 for each group.) Do NOT turn over the paper. I'm going to ask a question and the first group to raise their hand and answer correctly gets a point. Turn the paper back over after each question." Give the HO to the students and make sure they do not look. Ask the students these questions and make sure they turn their papers over after each question. 1. Where should I eat lunch on Day One? -Cihannüma 2. Where should I have dinner on Day Three? -Asmalimescit in Beyoglu. 3. When should I visit Topkapi Palace? - Day Three, Morning 4. When should I take a tour cruise on the Bosphorus? - Day Four, before lunch. 5. When should I go to the Hamam? - Day Three, after dinner 6. Where can I see dervishes whirl? - Hocapasa Cultural Center 7. How should I get to the Western District? - Take the Golden Horn (Haliç) ferry to Ayvansaray 8. Where can I get modern Turkish cuisine on a scenic terrace? - Müzede Changa

Focus on layout (4-5 minutes) • To help students understand the structure for itineraries/schedules

With the paper still turned over, Ask the students how the itinerary was organized and if it was helpful/useful (still in their groups.) After discussing for a few minutes, let them turn over the sheet and see if they were correct. Ask the students if they were correct/what they thought.

Focus on the language (3-4 minutes) • For the students to recognize grammar structures used in itineraries.

Begin by asking the students who the author is talking to. (You) Point out that we don't have to use "you" in the sentence. Show that "you" is assumed in one of the sentences from the guide "Start with a pre-dinner drink in one of Beyoğlu's rooftop bars." -What is the subject? (you) -Is this sentence okay? (yes) "You, start with a pre-dinner drink in one of Beyoğlu's rooftop bars."

Writing their own Itinerary (18-20 minutes) • Have students produce their own itinerary

Tell the students that you didn't like the itinerary from lonely planet because you wanted a local's opinion. Tell the students to write a better itinerary for Istanbul, any other place they have been, or somewhere imaginary. Remind them to include days, restaurants, entertainment, prices (if they want), sights, or anything else interesting. Give the students plenty of time to brainstorm and write their itineraries. Once finished, stick the itineraries to the walls and let students go around the room and read them. Tell them to choose their favorite itinerary.

Extra Time Activity: Tourism Opinions (8-9 minutes) • To give students the opportunity to express opinions through letters

Talk to the students about how popular tourism has become (especially in Istanbul.) Ask if tourism is good or bad. Divide the class in two. Half the class writes the positive aspects, the other half negative aspects. When finished, have the positives and negatives exchange and write what they think.

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