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Elif CELIK 15 Nov 2013- Practising the Question form Past Continuous Tense / Relationship Vocabulary
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss get to practice question form of the past continuous tense and expand their vocabulary about relationships. Lead-In is linked to the previous lesson by letting Ss to guess to elicit the words on shown by the picture on WB. Then, Ss do Match activity with the words that are pre-taught. The next stage is recorded listening from the ss book; activity 6 a) is focused on more specific and detail information whereas 6 b) is more freer activity that allows Ss only to circle the words. If Time allows, Last group activity consisting group of A's & B's : A's work together and B's work together in the question writing stage then Ss will be mixed up to do the speaking part. H.M.W may be given.


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Main Aims

  • To review and practice the question form of the past continuous in the context of relationships and first meetings

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss controlled speaking practice of the TL and to practice listening for detail and specific information.


Lead In • Get Ss engaged with the topic

The lead in will be provided by demonstrating a picture and by questioning students. Form of questions are consist of Yes/No and past continuous form. Then, Vocabulary will be pre-taught by using the WB. After the pre-teaching, Ss will be asked to match the words in the picture. Then, quick FB will be provided WC.

Pre-listening • to warm ss up before listening in order to get them familliarized with the forms/tense that will be played soon.

Ss will be asked to skim the questions given in order to answers the questions after the listening.

While-Listening • To get Ss to respnd the questions

Ask Ss to answer the questions in ex. 2b.

Post-Listening- FB • Give FB as a WC

Ask Ss to check their answers with their partners and then provide WC FB.

Grammar/Speaking • To practice Ss Speaking and usage of the Past Cont. Tense

Group Ss as A's and B's. A's work together (on pg.103) and B's work together (on pg.111) whilst question writing stage then split them for speaking activity. A's work with B's and they will fill the gaps in the text.

Production / Writing • to get ss generate phrases by using the past cont. tense

Make up 2-3 sentences using the past cont. tense and try to use the pre-taught vocabulary.

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