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Starter level


In this lesson, students do their very first reading. They read a short text about which family member does which chore at home. It involves some vocabulary about chores in the house and some past tense which they have recently learned.


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Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about roles in the family past vs. present in the context of family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of house chores in the context of family


Pre-reading (3-5 minutes) • Make students think by looking at the pictures

In this stage, the t asks ss to look at the two pictures on the page and asks them to say anything that they see on the pictures. Since ss are starters, this could be a expression 'having dinner', a noun like 'dinner', or a sentence like 'they are having dinner'. Anything that they can produce is acceptable. Since some students are shy, the t asks them to actually write everything down in a group of 3. This gives the T a chance to monitor them one by one as well.

pre-reading vocab preteach (5-10 minutes) • to familiarize them with some vocabulary

In this section, the t teaches students some basic vocabulary by showing them visuals and trying to elicit first. These vocavbulary are: house, clean, help, both, buy, shopping, cook, job, work, weekend, grandparents, women.

pre-reading vocab gap fill (5-10 minutes) • to make them remember the vocab that they have just learned

The teacher hands out a gap filling exercise and tells students they have 5 minutes to complete the exercise in groups of 2. The T then checks collectively.

accross cultures 1 (2-5 minutes) • to make an introduction to the text

The t explains that there is an Italian woman talking. Asks students which picture contins which figure.

while reading (10-15 minutes) • to let students read for a TF tasks

The t reads the first 4 questions and explains that they are T/F questions. The T then asks students to read the first paragraph and answer the first 4 questions. In 5 minutes. While they do that, the T walks around and monitors to see whether they are getting things correct. Since this is their very first reading, the teacher goes through sentences together with the students and maybe asks themsimole questions. The teacher repeats the same for the second part.

Post reading FSW (4-6 minutes) • To make them practice in an interactive manner

The teacher hands students the FSW pages and gives them 5 minutes to fill their sheet. The T instructs them to actually ask the questions and get answers. He monitors carefully.

Post reading writing 3a (5-10 minutes) • To make them practice a productie skill

The T tells students to do the 3a. The teacher monitors carefully. The T then calls a student to the board and reads the sentences written by her. The T repeats this with another student. The purpose is to not make the student read in front of the whole class but to make a first step towards such activities.

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